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    Hello all,

    I have an extensive background in trading, including trading full time in 2007 and 2008, and working after that directly under Denise Shull for about 14 months. The financial crisis blew me up, along with getting extremely sick at the same time. However, today I am now a much better trader and looking at taking my trading up another level, and that is trading other people's money.

    So I am seriously considering posting a journal that is a psychological trading journal. It won't be about setups, why I took a trade, but rather it will be about the mental aspect of reaching for my trading goals. My reasons for doing so, is that committing to journalling in a public forum will hold me to being more accountable and actually writing it down, secondly this should take me up a notch in excellence, and finally I expect I will learn a lot about myself (and contribute some ideas that may help others).

    If I move forward, it will be with a TST trading continuous combine. Earlier this year I passed the second combine I took, and then fell apart mentally when I went into live trader prep. There were also other factors at play during that time, which I will share should I move forward. If I do write this journal, I will start it in the journal section of ET.

    Any thoughts or feedback on this ideas?

    Good Trades,
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  2. Very interesting thread! :):):)
    Thank you for such type of journal: looking forward to read through the psychological issues revealed when trading.
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    ok. Decision made. Scheduled to start on Monday. I have to say, I've second guessed myself as to why I would do this, but now I am looking forward to it. I'll open a journal in the journal section and post the link in this one.

    @smallStops thanks for the feedback :)
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