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    I'm feeling somewhat bullish on PYPL unless rest of market falls apart. It's held up well past 2 days despite Nasdaq weakness. It's at support level.

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    What a disaster of a report. $132 and falling like a brick. It was $125 right before the pandemic. Looks like it will be there pretty soon. Doesn't bode well for the other fintech plays.
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    Next time if OP says buy, we sell and vice versa.

    the downforce momentum has been rather strong.
    The knives are falling. and many people will catch it with their bare hands.

    will it go to $100?

    hmmm. something wrong with the link in my earlier posting.
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    It’s down 24% :confused:
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    PYPL was a short @above 173 as of 220131, but now it is oversold at 129

    However, a retest of 129 should occur after rally.

    Above is short term. Longer term expect even lower price when 129 level breaks.

    The broad market indices are now bearish with 7% to 10% downside in coming
    days, depending on the index
  7. LOL. I'm not a pay-pal fan, but I came just here to see WTF was going on there. Looks like someone already beat me to it.

    We all knew this day was coming (well the experienced ones anyhow). And she's still got a ways to fall yet on the correction. However, I was expecting her to correct over a bear-market, not in rapid drops like that.

    That said, what is truly sad here, is how people over-react to earnings. How was it NOT possible to notice stuff like this is over-priced before hand? It takes a missed earnings report to get some action? No one seems to have seen this coming?

    Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 2.14.19 PM.png
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    Haha, yeah that trade idea did not turn out as I expected. The chart above showed decent support. It just could not hold it.

    Here's some other ideas that you can fade if you want:

    High Conviction

    Weak conviction
    SHORT V and MA
    SHORT INTU (Exit position at 510)
    SHORT XLU (cover at 66.50)
    SHORT ETN (Cover at 153 or 163)
    SHORT ADBE (Exit position at 545 or 485, whatever comes first)
    SHORT UUP (5 days too late on this, but I think it's still got room to the downside)
    LONG KR (exit at 48)
    LONG BMY (enter at 61.7)

    If these turn out to be either mostly right or mostly wrong, I can keep posting.
  9. What actually do these massively overpaid executives do at these companies

    PayPal depends solely on one source for the majority of its revenues (Ebay)
    Facebook depends solely on one source for the majority of its revenues (iPhone ads tracking)
    Netflix only makes enough good content to hold viewers attention if they are completely locked down

    Complete swing and a miss.

    When PayPal sees the end of the rainbow they throw out "pie in the sky" trending hype like crypto and Bitcoin payment features soon coming

    When Facebook sees the end of the rainbow coming they throw out complete bullsht like Meta and Metaverse

    Netflix relies solely on a cartoonish fad Squid Game for its entire 2021 feature list

    Is this all there is to $100 million dollar salaries and supposed tech brilliance? Depending on excess Fed market pumping and throwing out empty trending bait. And the supply chain & covid are becoming excuses for extremely poor products and services. Very surprising that Apple beat so decisively. The iPhone 13 is not much different from it predecessors. I wonder if they will continue to beat as the Fed helicopter money is stopped. Tesla being recalled almost every week. How has Elon Musk become the only savior god-like genius of the entire world. Have IQs really dropped that low?

    Much of Amazon's great earnings came from the upward valuation of its Rivian investment. How is it that we have come to depending upon 5 companies for our entire Silicon Valley tech brilliance and index support? Wont this end in misery when these same 5 companies start to bleed and crumble.

    The short bus comes to every neighborhood in America now. Have we really reduced everything down to trending phrases and default knowledge? I will ask this question again. Have IQs really dropped that low?

    1) I am not a fan of the Tesla car (do I need lidar to find my way around the neighborhood?)
    2) I don't need most of what Amazon is selling
    3) No way in hell I'm spending my evenings and weekends on Facebook and Instagram
    4) I don't really need another new iPhone. Probably wont need one for several years.
    5) Looked through Netflix offerings over and over and still cant find anything interesting


    1) I like Pickups. I just bought a nice one and probably wont need another for many years
    2) I like to shop at Cabela's, Dick's, Home Depot
    3) I have a real life
    4) My current iPhone works just fine and I probably shouldn't spend my life looking at a phone anyway
    5) Television keeps reaching new lows. I tend to find other things like YouTube, sports, travel

    I have a real life. The reason I know this is because I don't know what the metaverse is. I don't ever want to know what the metaverse is. In fact, I feel kinda sorry for the people already inside the metaverse.
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  10. Sven Carlin just did a review on this, due to the fire-sale price.

    If you just want the cliff notes, it's this.

    Too much fintech competition with much better fees.

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