Quantycarlo.com - supposedly an options backtester

Discussion in 'Options' started by Diamond Geezer, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. It came to me as a link in one of my social media accounts. I trade options full-time so it caught my interest. I've watched the slow-as-molasses tutorial videos for the site and I'm on the fence with many questions.

    If it does what it purports to do that would be great but where do they get their data? How reliable is there back-tester? I have many more questions. Have any of you options traders seen this or have an opinion?

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    I have the free account myself but haven't gotten around to using it thoroughly. It would be nice if ET members collectively put it thru the ringer and report back to the forum.
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  4. Thanks for that. I did spend a few hours on this but I'm not sure how to describe it. I found myself hitting a wall when trying to build a back-test. Probably partly my lack of familiarity with the application but it seems also partly due to a lack of intuitive user interface. I will come back to this sometime in the future because it is potentially very useful.