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  1. I have some questions in general about understandig fundamentals. For example take the stock "LC":
    On finviz i found these:
    Price: $24.69
    Forward P/E:12.77
    EPS(ttm): -0.49
    EPS this year: -583,1 %
    EPS next year: 1374.36 %

    My questions:
    EPS this year, does mean 2022?
    Forward P/E: Which Earnings are used for the calculation, this year or next year?

  2. EPS ttm is trailing 12 months
    P/E (ttm) is current price / trailing 12 month EPS

    For your company, that number is negative.

    for time period references, you need to know how finviz grabs the data. Does it calendarize things or does it just feed the FY? Much easier to 1) grab the numbers yourself from the 10k and 2) look up the consensus estimate on or yahoo finance

    Forward P/E is usually current stock price / next 12 month eps
  3. @longandshort
    What i understerstand is that the company wasn´t profitable during the last 12 months since EPS(ttm) was-0.49:
    Estimated EPS this year -583,1 % Does that means the negative EPS of -0.49 over the last 12 months decreases by -583,1 % in 2022? This would lead to an EPS 2022 of -2.85 ?

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  5. I have it from there. But what is next year? Is it 2022 or 2023?
  6. je ne sais pas but here's something from my bloomberg

  7. Oh Thanks. It seems "Next year" means the fiscal year what is not finished yet. I mean 2022 would fit to that. Finviz: EPS next year: 1.73; Bloomberg EPS, Adj for 2022: 1.81