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    Becoming a forex expert is no easy task, so before you start trading live capital, you owe it to yourself to do the homework. Our 10 Commandments of Forex Trading is an easy-to-read and compact roadmap for any trader getting started.

    We talked to experts and assembled the 10 rules every trader needs to know before diving into the world's highest-volume market.

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  3. Geat post, I have read you 10 commandments of forex trading and found them very useful. Forex is not so easy task and before start live trading with your capital you always learn Forex trading basics and start with demo trading to gain some good experience which can help you in real trading.
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    Thanks @Coner1980! I'm glad you found it useful. Where are you in your journey with Forex?
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    This is truly what everyone needs to know.
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  6. Thanks @TopstepTrader, I am new in Forex and still in learning process and I hope my this journey will be good in my future. Thanks again.
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    @Coner1980 Glad it helped - Let us know if you have any questions!
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    Glad you found it helpful!