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  1. I did a search for homes in the popular area in San Diego known as Carmel Valley.

    If you believe anyone who says the real estate market is ok and heading for a flat landing in california, LOOK AT THIS GRAPHIC I HAVE ATTACHED
  2. Attachment failed... here it is
  3. This is a search for ALL homes in the 92130 zip code, for sale, foreclosing, on auction, for sale by owner, etc

    Anyone see a problem??? :D
  4. Here are the numbers for ALL of san diego

    Pre-foreclosures: 1714
    Auction: 334
    Bank owned: 1153
    For Sale by owner: 13
    Resale homes: 304
    New homes: 73

  5. QuadLaser


    It says :

    "Search Results : <bold>Foreclosures</bold> in 92130"

    You are searching for foreclosures only.
  6. How many homes are there in San Diego?
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    Something is waay off with your numbers.

    There are certainly MORE than a mere 73 new homes and 304 resale homes in all of san diego.
  8. And they haven't even started funding health care for all the illegals yet. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
  9. Nope, it shows foreclosures AND all their other listings,

    Its list of homes for sale is not as comprehensive as many of the other sites, but here is a datapoint for you.

    I searched (searches MLS database) for all homes for sale in 92130 zip code and it gave me a list of 245 total.

    Compare that to:
    211 pre-foreclosures
    64 Auctions
    146 bank owned

    and you can see the insanity going on.

  10. For all of San Diego its 6008 according to my MLS search.

    But the areas way east, out in the middle of nowhere have not had quite the same bubble effect.

    Im interested in the juicy over extended areas like carmel valley, la jolla, del bar, the really populated areas of san diego near the coast.

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