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  1. You're the stupidest person on this board if you honestly believe 50% of San Diego's homes are in various stages of foreclosure.
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  2. According to for san diego:

    Pre-foreclosures: 1714
    Auction: 334
    Bank owned: 1153
    For Sale by owner: 13
    Resale homes: 304
    New homes: 73

    1714+334+1153 = 3201

    According to for san diego
    Total properties for sale: 6014

    3201 is over 50% of 6014

    Also, do a search on for san diego on foreclosures, preforeclosures and bankrupties and you get 2,852 listings = 47% a close match.

    Oh, and mr internet warrior, who can safely stuff like "You're the stupidest person on this board if..." while he hides behind a keyboard, although not technically calling me stupid, you wouldnt say that to someones face.

    So let me just respond in kind with, if you cant do basic math, maybe its because the little boy under your desk giving you a blow job right now is distracting you far too much, and its time to hang up your child molesting ways. That is of course, IF you cant do basic math.

    See, I ddnt reeeaaaalllly insult you ;-)

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  3. do you have a website with these offers?
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  4. LMFAO. So you think = the San Diego MLS? Not by a long shot. San Diego has 15,337 homes for sale. That's down from over 22,000 a few months ago. shows 22,000 for sale listings in SD with just over 1000 being forclosures. Use your freakin' head.

    If I thought there were only 6000 homes for sale in a county of 2 million people and half the sales were "forced" I'd be in SD buying every home I could......
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  5. Walked in to the sales office and asked.

    I bet if I said 340 with the 37K rebate, they'd take it as well.
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  6. They had these deals in South Florida, but most of that is cleaned out, unless the location is in a real ghetto. Same set up certain price + rebate, from what i hear the rebates are smaller now, about half of what they used to be, it may have something to do with northerners coming down and buying.
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  7. Exactly. It always pays to check any data coming off the net.

    Also, what was the foreclosure ratio when the market was booming or moderate? You have to have a reference point to analyze any data set.
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  8. jem


    I spoke with some realtor friends in SD and they predicted that everyone would take their home off the market during the holidays and wait for the "buying" season before they put their homes back on the market. many people were waiting for the implosion. I am still not sure it will happen other wise I would be blowing out my florida home and have the cash ready.

    Does anyone know about real estate prices in mammoth and tahoe? are they poised to jump off the cornice?
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  9. I'm thinking 50% of the IQ's on this board are under 100. That figure may be high!:eek:
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  10. There is absolutely no way that your 50% figure is anywhere near plausible. Use some common sense.
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