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  1. Dumbass alert!

    Sounds just like one of those retarded bashers on Yahoo Finance message boards.


    Good luck with your life!
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  3. 18 months ago you'd be lucky to see one public notice regarding Trustee sales around here.

    Now there are 5-12 everyday they are published.
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    So how many years of continuous rises for the US Market so far ?
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    For years, San Diego used to be very cheap compared to SF Bay Area. Maybe 1/2 the price. All of a sudden, it became the most expensive in the nation. Should tell ya things are out of whack in SD.
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  6. San Diego was cheap because of the military cutbacks in the early nineties. Base closures, realignments, the navy cut its fleet from 600 down to 300, GD closing, etc. One could make the case that San Diego has finally reached fair value, and was substantially undervalued before.

    San Diego, has the best year round climate in the country, none better. Just a little rain, and lots of sunshine. The business climate is good, with Qcom and Several Biotech firms, and there is not much property left to develop on.

    Downtown was overbuilt, some of the outlying burbs were overbuilt and rose too fast, but as is always the case with real estate, Location, Location, Location! If you own property anywhere near the coast, you are going to be fine.
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    San Diego was cheap in the 80's, 70's, 60' 50's :) Has nothing to do with cut back.
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  8. Believe what you want, San Diego is America's finest city, with America's finest weather, and will no longer trade at those values again. Just because something has been doesn't mean it always has to be.....I'm afraid our secret is out.
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    Yes, it has been the finest city in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, etc. And it was cheap then too.
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  10. Boooo..
    I don't like SD all that much...great beaches, and hot chicks, no doubt...that's not bad....
    But Freeways everywhere you look...
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