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    Yes, but there is a caveat. So many good projects/coins have already had an amazing run of 10X or more since January. So a 50% pullback would be nothing and perhaps likely or expected. But, if BTC hits 100k, so not even a 2x from here, I bet many of these other coins will have a much, much higher gain than BTC.
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    Its a risk for sure as its completely unregulated but it has massive potential i would have it in my portfolio
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  5. 100% it's worth it! But higher potential gains, together with higher risk come from other coins.
    It's irresponsible not to own any IMO
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    I bought some crypto earlier this year (BTC, ETH and SOL are my primary) decided to hold those 5 years and see then if we will hold another 5 years. I had bought BTC a few years back at 2k and was glad to sell at 2.5k after it had spiked to 4k... oh well.
    I embrace blockchain as the future of processes with many applications that I would invest in. But crypto is run ammok between BTC which has achieved global recognition and the likes of DOGECOIN and dozens of others that only seem to be pump and dump schemes promoted by speed freaks using primitive sales pitches to get you in the deal (you're the smartest guy in the room if you buy but the biggest loser if you doubt). To hit x5 or higher within 12 to 24 months is like buying that lottery ticket so, like you suggested earlier, wouldn't it make more sense to take the greatest risk for the greatest reward and put all your gambling money in lottery tickets instead? The potential return is far higher than x5...
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    The question of course is how best to play this. Everything good has gone up pretty much right at January. SOL has already done a 100x, and to be honest, I'm a bit weary of the project since it isn't that decentralized and it already had an outage.

    ADA is super interesting, but it too had had an incredible run. Looking at market cap though, it can easily 10x to be in the ballpark of ETH or BTC.

    ETH I'm shocked is so high to be honest. I know it has the most development, and based on how much money goes through the blockchain every day, it gets this high valuation, but the gas fees are so high that it can't survive in my opinion and its only ETH2.0 that is keep it in the running.

    VET and ZIL has been pointed out to me, and these coins are still on the cheap side, so the potential is there, but you have to ask why these would shoot up if there are already a couple of really good options that are far ahead.

    LUNA sounds really good too, but its practically done a 100x as well since January, but luckily the market cap is still just 17B.

    Now if crypto can easily go to a 10T market cap from the current 2T, then pretty much everything can in some way 5x at least, but I think the key is not starting with the top 3 for example.

    Oh, and I didn't even consider gaming. It might be a huge oversight on my part, but I just don't understand why gaming is so huge. I like the stuff that has more real world applications in business and finance.
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    There are so many projects out there that one must be on the crypto pulse at all times to grab the x100 opportunities. It's like the art world, you don't come out of the woodwork flashing your cash for the next big thing. You're lucky to pay 100x for an original, expecting to make 10x from your deal and an ego boost from the uninitiated looking at you like an investment superstar.
    Just watching YouTube crypto dudes makes my head hurt. It's as if the faster one talks, the more believable they should be. I could put 10k in 10 "sure winner" crypto projects and cry or laugh later.
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    Because gaming has been using virtual currencies for decades before crypto was a thing. Now that gaming is embracing cryptos, it's the perfect platform.

    There's a LOT of gaming out there man.
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    I'm on Coinhako, one of the few platform available in Singapore. They have 58 different coins but none of the wild ".00001 to the moon!" ones, which might be a good thing for me! I'm considering putting 10k in 10 coins and forget about it for 24 months, an investment strat I can't even hang on to with stocks I get so eager to sell on profits!
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