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  1. NoahA


    I know the feeling. Seeing what has been possible with 100x gains in less than a year is a real eye opener. But if I'm honest with myself, I'm not sure I would have been able to hold for 10x, never mind a 100x. Its something that you aren't used to when you come from the equities markets. How long did it take AMZN or APPL to do even a 10x???

    Some of these coins have amazing staking opportunities as well, so you even earn while you hold them. Of course these numbers are generally only between 4 to 12% or so, which is paltry compared to the possible price appreciation, but considering that holding dollars gets you nothing, and dividend paying stocks that pay a similar yield will not have the capability to do a 10x, then its almost a no brainer to jump fully on board the crypto train.
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  2. VicBee


    Like I said before, I'm invested in the "accepted" coins which are doing well. I'm also invested in crypto tied stocks like MSTR and MARA which seem to be on the same roller coaster. Once I sell those I may set aside a few dollars, feed a few flower pots and somehow have to forget about them.
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  3. Afraid of the amount you risked ?
    take out the capital you invested once you have a good %
    what's there to lose then ?
    worst case you lose the gains you made ( and regrets haha) but your initial capital is taken out so its all good
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  4. yc47ib


    That is not the way to ride the biggest wave in this decade. I am 30% in crypto, hope I am glad when reading this in 2030, or would I hope to have put in 100%. LOL.
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  5. VicBee


    Well, we just expanded our crypto holdings, all established enough to be trading on Coinhako, so no Shiba whatever.
    Planning to hold 24 months and revisit then.
    We already had BTC, ETH and SOL bought a few months ago. Just added ENJ, XRP, XLM and DOT.

    Up 20% so far. Wife says it's her Sydney apartment... she's a very positive person.
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  6. virtusa


    If you wish to stay in on the crashes that BTC had i n past, a stop is useless as you should place it at around -85%.
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