Recommend 'Time Series Analysis for Dummies'?

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  1. I need an entry level book on TSA. I'm pretty good in statistics, std dev, etc. but not in advanced math. No Matlab experience, etc.

    There is no 'Dummies' book - I looked on Amazon, but hope there is something similar.


  2. Thanks for the post and suggestion. Appreciate that it's free. It's a 248 page document for a two semester university course.

    I was hoping for at least one chapter or section on time series analysis relating to financial/market data.

  3. Don't waste your time. There's nothing there. Been there myself. Look for pure price patterns.
  4. I'm looking at those too.

    I think I may have met you. :)

  5. Yes -- generally "I want to learn about timeseries analysis" really means "I want to learn how to make money trading." But the inquirer usually has to read a chapter or two of a timeseries book before realizing one has little to do with the other.
  6. Indeed. Time series analysis was my first foray into TA nearly forty years ago. That was long before I realized that the Holy Grail of trading is in fact a stained soggy old paper coffee cup. Transform analysis (Fourier and Laplace). Kalman filtering. Sadistical analysis. A little bit of cybernetic theory. Thank goodness my math background was shallow or I would still be at it. Then one night in a dream I realized it is a dance. Now I make money. But not Holy Grail money. Stained soggy old paper coffee cup money.
  7. If the OP has any math background it might do him SOME good thinking about the assumptions behind the conception of each type of time series. Going any deeper could easily cost him a year's progress toward his goal. I know it cost me at least that much.
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