Reuters Powerscreener 3.0

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Diamond Geezer, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. I just got an email saying they are discontinuing its service and refunding customers subscription dollars.

    It was easily the best of its kind available outside of the institutional-priced screeners. I have Zacks, its good but not as good.

    Changes to analyst earnings estimates are a key driver of stocks before earnings announcement dates and this is the only screener that gave you timely data. Zacks just doesn't do it IMO.

    Anybody else in the same situation???? Are there other screeners that tell you eps consensus estimates with daily updates? Thanks
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  3. Thanks wave. I'm contacting them now.

    They say they are powered by Reuters which is a good sign.
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    Maybe they are going to retain the power screener lite? They had the screener for free for years.
  5. yes but the power screener let you do some pretty advanced stuff like designing your own variables and had no limit on the amount of data you could export to excel.

    It will continue to be around for current subscribers til September. Then kaput:mad:

    Anybody here a subscriber to Thomson One and want to rent me a desk? (it costs thousands of dollars a year, I believe > $20K)