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    I want to complain about Blake Finance Limited broker, site - They are scammers. They themselves claim to be registered in England.
    They call people (including those in America), promise a yield of 20-30% per month, promote them for a deposit, draw deals with big profits on their platform, and do not withdraw profits and deposits. When you start to complain, they just block in the Telegram, WhatsApp and they also don’t answer the mail.
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  2. 30% a month? Very modest.
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    You need to realize that 30% per year, is a great performance even for the professionals.
    A 1% offer per day, which is kinda similar to 30% per month, is a meme in the world of investing, screaming about scammers right away. Their domain name was very unprofessional. The ways that you would communicate as well. Tons of red flags.
    Well, you had your lesson. I hope that you will be able to get back from it.
    And read this, before your new financial endeavors, -
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    30% a month is a sweet spot to get the suckers. It has has more sizzle than 1% per day and more believability than 360% per year(without compounding and 800% with compounding per year)
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    Check their website. There are warning signals to what kind of people you are dealing with.
  8. Blake Finance Limited is a broker managed by Mr. Michael Blake. The company has not operated since 2009 and might have gone out of business from that time. However, the website of the company is still operational. The Company has been affiliated with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of UK. The website also contains about the security of the website. However, it has a low Google pagerank and bad results in terms of the content, which is not very readable for users. The website contains the terms and conditions of the company, a fact sheet about the company, the privacy policy, the regulatory information and the contact information of the company. The contact information of the company is not very clear, as the company does not provide the physical address of the company. The company seems to be a stock market company dealing with stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. The regulatory information of the company is not very clear. The website also has a link to an online trading account of the company.
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