RMBS - Looking bearish

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Chagi, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. Chagi


    I watched on the sidelines with a great deal of suprise while RMBS went vertical, volatility went out of the stock for a few days, now looks set to move further downwards.
  2. Good call :)

  3. fri RMBS was very weak
    i think it is going to make a big turn downwards big time
  4. Chagi


    I was personally kind of suprised to see how long it stabilized in the region of $35 or so per share, after such a large upwards move.
  5. Watch and see if it hits that gap 28-30 and whether it bounces or cuts through. Looks bearish, but could be a wash and rinse.
  6. saxman


    very weak action at open had me shorting rmbs by late morning. gapped down and broke thru 10-day ma which it hadn't fallen beneath in sometime. this very day i had the stock near top of my list for possible long. its weak action on a day where mkt gapped up was clear signal for short. luckily i added big to my ss position and watched her plunge a few pnts.

    have to see what she does next week, but break below 30 into gap would definitely be signal of cont weakness.