Running IB Gateway remotely and Workstation locally

Discussion in 'App Development' started by nooby_mcnoob, May 30, 2019.

  1. Maybe it's time to build an open source TWS Web?

    I guess we can do this in the worst case.
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  2. I'm not willing to spend money on a stand-alone front-end which connects to Gateway. It is not that important to me.
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  3. For me it is a "nice to have", certainly not a "must have". This explains why I never put much effort into it. In my case am I able to temporarily close Gateway, start TWS, and when ready with TWS close and restart Gateway. I don't do this often, but this is the workaround which I'm using.
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    I know, but it's fun. Good to do some nerdy work while you wait for trades to come to you.
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  5. I ended up making the remote server more robust to Gateway disconnections. So I can just log in locally, do my work, then the remote server automatically reconnects when I'm done.
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  6. I'm curious about how you achieved that. Probably you need to disable two factor authentication for this?
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  7. I plan to use IB key actually, though I haven't yet
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  8. Also I get an independent alert on my phone through the logging mechanism so I am likely going to be physically wired to expect the following sequence:

    - log in locally
    - get notification on phone that server is disconnected
    - do my work
    - keep getting notifications for IB to connect (since the server will keep restarting)
    - finish my work
    - press ib key auth thing
    - get notification that disconnection issue is resolved

    There is room for an attack here but I don't know if the surface is any larger than otherwise.
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  9. Just a quick update: this process is working so far. The only issue (if you can call it that) is that IB key is designed to not notify you audibly. So I've configured my logging system to alert me when 2FA is required, and also sends me a screenshot of IB gateway to make sure that it is being requested through the server.

    I also configured logins to be restricted to a specific IP. This won't help when things crash at night for whatever reason, but we'll see how that goes.
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  10. rxngo


    Hi, I'm looking to set up something very similar to yours, do you mind sharing how you established the connection? I'm trying a reverse SSH tunnel but having trouble connecting to port 7496 instead of standard 22. Is this is the right approach?
    Also, how do you configure the connection to stay alive, and switching automatically between IBGateway and TWS?
    #20     Oct 9, 2021