Rural England (Internet speed?)

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  1. In rural (small towns and villages) in Northern England such as County Durham, Northumberland, how good is the internet speed? Is it good enough for regular trading?
  2. Yes, I think internet speed will be ok to trade.
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  3. Is England considered a leader in internet speeding in Europe? I have heard internet speed in other rural villages across Europe such as Germany abysmal
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    I visited a small town in England called Rotheram a few years ago and the internet speed was great. I was actually surprised.
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  5. That is kinda close to Leeds in Southern Yorkshire where population is large..I am referring to somewhere with less population and not close to any large cities
  6. Joke of the day :D

    I don't know how many times I had to call Virgin Media this year. The service is sooooo unreliable in England
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    You can get 900mb fibre to the premises from BT in lots of country places now for £59 a month. Use the postcode checker on under broadband.
  8. 900 mb :D:D:D:D:D:D
    South Korea is the fastest in the world and they offer 220-250 mb.
    You will be lucky to get 50mb in England with weekly cuts.
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    Both my mother and sister have 900mb fibre in rural England. IN London I have 75mb.

    I could get 1 gigabyte in London but it involves giving money to George Soros.
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  10. Thank you for letting me know, I will notify the best South Korean provider that your mother and sister have way better service than anyone in their country. They must know that.
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