S&P500 historical EOD data with delisted stocks included

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  1. Does anybody have a good recommendation on where to get quality historical EOD data for the S&P500 constituents that includes the delisted stocks? I don't believe Quandl includes the delisted and there have been some small errors I have found in the data. Any help would be appreciated. I am looking for 15+years of data at least.
  2. Just realized there is a post with a very similar title to this, regardless I am mainly just looking for some input. I have come across a few different options and don't want to spend a fortune.
  3. I've put together the constituents list back to 1990 if anybody wants it. Now time to find EOD data for all the delisted stocks.
  4. I reached out to CSIData to see if they have what I need. Does anybody know of any free resources for accessing the historical data on delisted stocks? I have access to Bloomberg and CapitalIQ through school, but it doesn't appear that either maintains historical data on delisted companies.
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    Of course BBG retains data on delisted firms. For instance, try: ENRNQ <equity> GPC M <go>
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  6. Maybe take a BBG course at school? It will be very valuable to you. surf
  7. Hmm, I tried 3 different delisted stocks from the 90's and all 3 didn't have any price data available.

    Regardless, Zack's has the data through Quandl, so I will probably just get the remaining data I need through there as pulling it in is a little faster than from the terminal. I was in a rush yesterday when I checked the Bloomberg, but I will look again tonight and see on those delisted stocks.

    Thanks for the input guys.
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  8. Are you sure you had the right post-bk tickers for those three? What tickers did you try?
  9. I can't remember which ones I looked up to be honest. I was looking at a historical SPX constituents list and just clicked on a couple of the ones that I knew didn't exist anymore. You are right though, it could have been a ticker issue. The screen it took me to gave a small amount of data but no price data. I was in a rush to get to work so didn't really dig in, tonight after class I will look again.
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