Salomon Smith Barney wipes out lottery winner

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  1. He had about the same odds as when he won the lotto.
  2. "A fool and his money will soon be parted."
  3. these two options traders hit the powerball. Radio interview. One of em says he and his wife never traveled, so he thought they'd just retire, buy a Cadillac, and see America.

    Other guy wasn't much for travel. Thought he'd just trade until it was gone.:D
  4. I just love lottery winner disaster stories.

    Here's another:


    He's the guy in West Virginia who, in addition to ruining his own life, ruined the lives of his relatives and virtually everyone around him.
  5. There was a well-executed study done where it was shown that 90%+ of lottery winners end up divorced, alcoholics, addicted to drugs, in jail or bankrupt - or most likely, a combination of more than two - within 5 years of hitting the jackpot
  6. yea well to win the lottery you need to play it. I suspect that a lot of the habitual lottery players had many of the above traits in them before they won. My sister's "baby daddy" won a $75,000 scratch off game prize last year. He has already blown most of it. He still plays those damn scratch off games all the time.
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    There is a saying in the brokerage industry when talking about client's money, brokers and brokerage firms.

    Simply stated" Two out of three ain't bad!":D :D
  8. That's a very salient point.

    I don't play the lottery, ever, and I hope that reflects well upon me.
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    These stories are not shocking when you walk into the convenience stores and look at the people playing the lotto.

    I believe most of these people would end up broke, divorced, alchoholic, addicts, etc with our without the lotto.
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