San Diego Real Estate recovery in 2024

Discussion in 'Economics' started by traderdragon2, Mar 24, 2008.

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  4. well thats a tad spiteful....

    but the corvette line was too good to be true.
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  5. once again, the housing "crash" is only a problem to those that bought the "higher" prices.

    There is plenty of cash on the sidelines. In fact the next 5 or so years is going to be the best for individuals picking up Great Homes at Great prices.

    The housing crash is local. There are plenty of growth areas and area's where RE is stable.

    There is a "Slowdown" nation wide for sure. But not every city is experiencing "Crash" and Burn.

    Dallas, ATX, Houston and SAN ANTONIO (which just hosted the NCAA Games) is still on fire. To the locals, prices are outrages, but to the Transplants, its Robber-Barron times.

    Of course, if you choose to pay to much for something in the area, you can. If your smart, you don't.
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