Scalping Indicies via CFD or Futures - your preference?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by toby400, Nov 20, 2021.

  1. toby400


    Based in the UK I have scalped Micro Dow as an introduction to Indices. However, using a CFD provider ( that promised narrow spreads) I find that as I execute a trade I am immediately down 11 points or more ( slippage?)
    Would I get a better experience trading Futures (Micro Dow) via a Futures broker in the USA such as Tradestation or Tradovate etc?
    I use a one minute time frame for scalping.
  2. CFDs seemed to me to be a scam. I dabbled, but futures won out.
  3. traider


    You can just compare the trading costs and make a decision. This is the easier part of trading
  4. toby400


    Why did Futures "win out." Can you elaborate with examples please?
  5. toby400


    And the costs are?
  6. jbt


    CFD Dow should be 3 off market hours 1.5-2 on market hours. If your are trading 11 wide - you are using a very bad broker
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  7. traider


    brokers comms and bid ask spreads
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  8. Overnight


    Indeed. There's probably a reason CFDs are not allowed to be traded in the US. Maybe this is one of those reasons?
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  9. maxinger


    If you day trade CFDs, you wouldn't be able to earn $$$$.
    the very wide narrow spread will kill you.
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