Scalping is Risky?

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  1. Jaagup


    Scalping is not very risky but yeah it needs skills and knowledge.
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  2. What do you consider scalping? To some a scalp for fractions of a point or one or two points. Does not matter if it is ES or SBUX...the way I was taught earlier that scalping is ok for a 1/4 for 1/2 pints if we trade 1000 shares, this was before decimalization. Now, in the trading room, scalping ES is 2-4 points and the Swing trade is 10-20 points.
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  3. tedmos38


    Personally I believe that each and every trading style carries risk because all of them depend upon the market move, however if specifically I talk about scalping then it is a trading style which is adopted by many of the traders, the goal is to make small profits and exit from the market so consequently the size of the trades is also kept small in order to limit the risk. So in trading the risk is always there no matte how you trade.
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  4. Oghmaron


    Unambiguously you are right that each trade has a certain rarely, just from the trading style this risk either increases or decreases.
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  5. It's all about the spread when you are scalping. I am a scalper that has made nice returns for about a year and a half now. You are automatically down when you place your trade so you are at a disadvantage right away. In my experience, I have tended to trade stocks with tight spreads. Tight spread targets are determined by a percentage of your capital (One day I'll chime into what I think a tight spread is). Also, Set your daily loss and gain targets.
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  6. all trading approach are risky if you dont have real trading plan , actually the success any trading strategy and approach depends on your money and risk management.
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  7. Scalping in the forex market is too risky in the forex market because the more the forex market trader place trade in the forex market the more they expose their account to risk in the forex market.
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  8. Wolfe_tr


    That's right. Its not about the trading style but how that particular style is managed and executed, which determines the results here.
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  9. Burigelv


    You don't need to look for some kind of trick in scalping, you just need to understand that the whole trade itself has certain risks.
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  10. Thanag


    System - scalping is not at a higher risk than any other trading system, so you don't need to worry too much, but just figure it out and act.
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