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  1. Good afternoon from Guatemala,

    My forex broker AG MARKETS (ADVANCED GLOBAL MARKETS) - has been cheating since the first day I started trading on their platform.

    Along with the management of iAlpha Group UK - (supposedly based in London, UK and regulated by FCA), my account is negative -$180,000. All my investment of around $30,000 has been stolen and they have been pressing me to invest more money to recover the account.

    They are professionals in this sector and I am investigating the case with a lawyer. I need your help to identify and locate these thieves !!

    Beware of all future investors !!!
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  2. Peter10


    why not leave spot forex and trade forex futures instead?
    most spot forex broker are bucket shops and they gain from your losses.
  3. Hello Peter. Thanks you for the message. I will as soon as resolve this issue and hopefuly get my money back. Did you have any bad experiences in the past with Forex brokers? Did you know AG Markets (Advanced Global Markets and their IB iAlpha Group?

    I am doing some intense research and I found this:

    AG Markets was previously registered and regulated in New Zealand which was then de-registered by the FSP.

    Good day
  4. Peter10


    I have had a bad experience with instaforex. they disabled my account when i made a withdrawal request. That made me to stop trading spot forex trading altogether and shift to commodity futures
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  6. If you search about AG Markets on Google you can find the following results and I have to say there are so many complaints about them:

    Source 1: Rankia Part 1
    Source 2: Rankia Part 2
    Source 3: Warning Trading

    They are just scambags and need to be stopped by the police!
  7. Xwell


    Sometimes they are quite loyal, and the conditions are provided by those brokers who are not honest enough.
  8. Thanag


    Convenient when there is a website where you can see all the information about dishonest brokers
  9. maxinger


    How to scam the scammer ?!?!?!