Schwab deposits $1.2 million into a customer's account by mistake...

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    At the risk of being insensitive, how fcking stupid do you have to be.
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    Folks, if Charles Schwab (or any financial institution for that matter) deposits $1.2 million into your account, by mistake, don't go on a shopping spree or something, just buy $1.2 million worth of Charles Schwab's stocks.

    Then, if you are caught, you can always say : "Hey, I invested all the money in YOUR company, you should thank me!"

    Just kidding, don't try this at home. :D
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  4. If Citi fat fingers a $500 million deposit you hire a lawyer and keep it. Schwab a little guy they go to jail?
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    She should have converted into cash and disappeared. :D
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  6. It was one of the worst Wall Street mishaps in years: Citigroup accidentally wired $900 million last year to a group of lenders locked in a bitter dispute with the beauty company Revlon.

    On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that the recipients don’t have to have to return the cash.

    Citi had intended to make a small interest payment on Revlon’s behalf but instead repaid the loan in full. And some of the lenders — who had sued Revlon and Citi seeking repayment of the loan — refused to return about $500 million” NYT

  7. Totally different situation than the Schwab incident. That was the lenders money.
  8. I agree, she was a thief knowing that money was not her’s.
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  9. I was on my 4th night of hookers when they caught the mistake in my account...
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    Hahahahaha :D
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