SDTH, the next hot Chinese stock

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    SDTH will be hot soon.
    In China
    High growth
    Small Float
    Low priced.

    This stock is still shortable, so squeeze is not yet ready.
  2. I've been in/out of SDTH a few times in the last couple of weeks (flat now). I think it was StonedInvestor who brought it to my attention (thanks Stoney).

    I agree that it looks like a good long term play. However, I wouldn't call 30 million shares a "small float".
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    website for this company

    street news is that after CSUN, NICE, RCH, KUN, this will be the next sub $10 Chinese stock to fly. It is currently under $7. Target price $10-$15.
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    break out $7.3 with 500k volume already. yesterday's full day volume is less than 500k.

    Confirmation of action in this baby.

    Also watch NINE and ATV.

    NINE is near book value. ATV has strong growth.
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    good heads up....
  6. I'm in SDTH man. Let's do this to 7.50+ today.
  7. Check out LOCM too for a momentum play to $8+
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    I traded that baby too. but it is not Chinese related. I was in and out too quick too.

    09/24/2007 10:58:15 Bought 100 LOCM @ 6.28 -633.00 ---
    09/24/2007 10:58:58 Bought 4700 LOCM @ 6.2974 -29,603.02 ---
    09/24/2007 10:58:58 Bought 1300 LOCM @ 6.3 -8,190.00 ---
    09/24/2007 11:26:49 Bought 8000 LOCM @ 6.3 -50,405.00 ---
    09/27/2007 15:07:05 Sold 100 LOCM @ 6.72 666.98 ---
    09/27/2007 15:07:05 Sold 3617 LOCM @ 6.71 24,269.69 ---
    09/27/2007 15:07:05 Sold 10383 LOCM @ 6.7 69,565.03 ---

    I am trading NINE, SDTH today in USA time and trade Soymeal in China time. I work 14 hours a day.

    Those traders in Chinese stocks are from China directly. Mainly from Zhejiang. I trade with them and againt them all the time. Their tape is very easy to read, because they are not used to US markets. They still use tagtics in China.
  9. Where do you guys think SDTH can go? Bootsie, LongHornes & Stoney have been sitting on dead yuan.~ stoney
  10. I think its going to 7.50 plus very soon, maybe $8 if Momo kicks in. I almost pressed another 1000 shares.

    Stoney, wtf with ZVUE?
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