SEC Set to Let Wall Street Keep Payment-for-Order-Flow Deals

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ETJ, Sep 22, 2022.

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  2. Payment for order flow, and HFT, ....are such tiny, tiny, profits...nothing to get bent out of shape over.
    That's like taking straws and napkins out of McDonald's....and trying to sell them on eBay or anywhere else you can,
    ETJ Yoda,
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  3. M.W.


    The number of murders in the US is tiny in relative comparison to the total population. Let's stop prosecuting murders because it's just not worth it in the grand scheme of things...

    Idiotic thinking at its finest...

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  4. %%
    LOL/MCD has planned for you taking some + ketchup + mustard. i do, for personal use.
    NO body want to work for nothing+ since commissions have down\trending for year= fine by me. Even non profits make profits
    PFOF is also disclosed; if some gets ripped off on limit order its his or her fault.
    I trade+ invest mostly stuff that i can exit on market orders, if i want..................:cool::cool: