SeirraCharts Off Line ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rcj, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. rcj


    Wow hasnt happened before here.

    Im kinda screwdd. :eek:

    (&^&$FVI&$#( grrrr their site is down.
  2. rcj


    NO !! no connect from here. Geeez !!! :confused:

    No Ping....
  3. rcj


  4. The site is working.

    Get a new DNS or go to
  5. rcj


    Thnx Jeb...yeah im already on to changing DNS.

    This problem seems similar to whats been happening to a few
    other people posting on ET Re not getting a few symbols
    to update in TWS when most others have no problem.
  6. Eight


    Why would SC's site being down be a showstopper as you seem to be implying? your software only has to call home once a month..
  7. It calls home a lot more often than once a month. At least several times a day I see it open a port 80 connection to I think it just does this to enforce the number of computers it can run on simultaneously.
  8. rcj


    If you use SC,get a freeware TCP monitor and watch as you start up SC. No connection to their server, then no start SC.
  9. Arnie


    Just problem.

    Did your subscription expire?:D
    #10     Sep 7, 2011