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  1. deaddog


    Quite simple really. What are you expecting to happen? If that doesn't happen what are you going to do?
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  2. yupp like deddog said, Its hard to shift from a long term mindset to a couple minutes or days mindset with a stock

    Starting days will be tough but, i suggest you to learn off a good mentor and watch a couple of videos and read books.
    once your psychology is strong you can boost the trading journey
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  3. KGTrader4


    That’s exactly what I’m doing, x the mentor.

    you guys are my mentors LOL. (Being funny, but in real life, there are no jokes.)
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  4. %%
    NO thanks, i seldom do single stocks @ all.
    I like ETFs , ETFs x2 + such. NOT a prediction, not investment advice.:cool::cool:
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  5. That is a really interesting case.
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    Sorry man.

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    This is true. Hard transition from investor to trader. I totally agree with deaddog's advice.
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  9. %%
    THAT'S part of it;
    the other part of it\ targets can underperform so much, find something else also:D:D......................................................................................NOT a prediction, not bank insured + not insured by any federal agency.
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  10. KGTrader4


    I decided I don’t have the right emotional makeup for day I don’t want to be in front of a screen all day.
    I will however, devote a small piece of my portfolio to active management meaning stocks I’m ok holding for months, and using tech analysis to pick entry and exit points I guess. With limits to how much I’m willing to lose and rules dictating at what point start to trim.
    So need to work on a plan for that
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