senate bill raised payroll taxes 2%

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  1. What does limiting the # of deductions for those over 200/250k do?

    Wouldn't AMT have done the same?

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    you never answered the question is your wife working for the government? there are no "po fplks working for the gov't.
    "po" shows exactly your philosophy.
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    Could not agree more!
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  4. they had to cut it. They kept calling the Bush rates a cut. And told so many lies, that if they didn't lower something they would have been caught in their lie.
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  5. Huh? No my wife doesn't work for the gov't, number one, and two, who was talking about po' folk working for the gov't?
    Very simply: in Plan B they wanted to cut out all kinds of credits and other stuff that mostly go to poor or working class people, while keeping rates low all the way up to a million in AGI (which by the way means the person would be making quite a bit more, something that once again goes unreported).
    Is that simple enough? I know it's English.
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    This is a perfect example of income taxes being to progressive, the upper half paying too much of the tax burden.

    The Government wanted to help middle and lower workers, but since most of them pay no income tax the only way to get Federal monies back to them is through payroll tax.

    In the future any rebate or tax cuts offered from income taxes will only benefit the top tiers , because they are the ones paying taxes.
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  7. hopefully I am misunderstanding you

    too progressive?

    that's the plan? to tax the poor?

    how far's that going to get you?

    they are already paying ss taxes, medicare taxes, sales taxes fuel taxes and cigarette taxes

    and you still want more?

    conservatives are supposed to be for low taxes

    until they catch some poor guy that isn't paying any income tax

    then suddenly they are for more higher taxes

    like the man said, "Everybody needs to pay their fair share"

    (and speaking of the Department of Education, I hate to think how many are going to read that one quote and start arguing and attacking me, even though they agree with me.)
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  8. This is so stupid that really it rendered me speechless for a while.
    That feces eating fool is not someone who should be agreed with on anything, ever.
    Now, when was the last time a poor person got to decide whether or not we ran an unfunded war on Iraq?
    When was the last time a poor person got to decide whether or not a bridge to nowhere got built in Alaska?
    When was the last time you ever heard of a poor person being in on a decision like whether or not drugs could be bought by the gov't on a discount for Medicare?


    And, it will never ever happen in your lifetime or mine.

    But, that poor person still has to pay tax on the gas he puts in his tank to go to work.
    He still has to pay tax for both Social Security and Medicare, the former being regressive - as in poor people pay MORE than rich people for that one - while the latter is flat, which basically means it's regressive to anyone who understands economics.
    And so on.
    So, the Prez gave em a break for a couple years. Big doodoo. Oh my, the sky will fall because he gave em a break.
    I expect that from fecal matter for brains. I don't expect it from anyone else.
    Then again this is the Economics forum on ET, where no idea is good unless it's transcendentally stupid, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
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  9. when was the last time a poor person got to decide if local taxes should be raised to fix the potholes on the road?

    I know when I was poor, that was the last concern on my mind. And I was more than willing to drive my old truck over those pothole filled roads if it meant $4.00 less taxes out of my check.

    And these rich guys would stand up in town hall and say outrageous things like, "Surely we can all afford to pay just $4.00 a month more in taxes to get our roads fixed."

    yeah, because they all had nice luxury cars. Those potholes weren't going to hurt my beat up truck anymore than it already was. Plus, I always had a place for an extra $4.00/mo.

    taxes are for the rich, and you should just leave the poor out of it

    if you give them a chance to get started and get their feet on the ground, there will come a time when it is their concern
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  10. You can check the Census on this: prosperity is mostly age-related. We have nothing when we're young, and lots when we're old, mostly. So your last sentence is probably the truest thing ever said in this forum.
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