Series 63 can I just register with anyone?

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  1. Hello,

    about 2 years ago I passed the Series 63 exam, but then never did anything with it.

    Now it is about to expire and I really do not want to just let it expire. I found a company that does not pay a base salary, but they say I can register my license with them if I work part time ( I will find my own clients from my home ) as long as I pay for the background check. At the same time I can study for Series 6.

    QUESTION: is there a negative connotation or a downside to register your Series 63 license with " anyone " so that it does not expire ?

    Any suggestion is very appreciated since I am totally new. I wonder if there is a place or an institution where they register " anyone " since my main objective now, is to register my S63 before it expires ( Nov 2018 ).

    Thank you very much.
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  2. Most BDs are not interested in having some inactive person merely "hang" their license.

    You are probably fortunate to have found one that offers to accommodate you.
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    Agree, consider yourself fortunate.
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