Shocking Truth Revealed! Emergency Fed Meeting Indicates Solvency Crisis Imminent

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by TrAndy2022, Oct 2, 2022.

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    No big deal, just an indication that the fed's plan to induce a recession is working. Recessions are not good for banks. Who knew. :D
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    Ermagawd rich people problems .
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    I could be wrong, but don't they have these board meetings almost every month?

    I think everyone is just blowing it out of proportion since the SPX hit new lows.
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    I have no idea why this guy is trying to stir up controversy.

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  8. Go away Dbag
  9. Because real trading is too hard and too much work. For some, all this "news" reporting is a substitute for doing actual trading work. All these people talk about crashes, bounces, bottoms etc, but have they actually prepared. Do they have their allocations, and risk management, straddles etc, in place? Naw, better to hand wring and be a poser posting to a forum, imo
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  10. Treffen wir uns in Sachsenhousen am Abend fur ein Henninger oder Binding bier
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