Should US open economy sooner in May or wait more.

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  1. A lot of Europeans countries already partly open for businesses or looking to open.
    We have advantage to watch and analyze. We have protesters against open. We have protesters against to stay closed. From one side stay close impact the economy, to open may or may not cause more aggressive covid19 expansion.
    What we should do?
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  2. Nobody knows what we should do.... not enough data yet.

    Opening up now is a political guess... unless it's been decided that those who become very ill and/or die will just be accepted as "collateral damage to the economy".
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  3. Who may know government, the worse source.
    Should we trust ours health experts, they predicted 100-200k deaths which was absolute clueless forecast. They were changing the rules back and forward. They lost the people’s trust.
    So, what is agenda?
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  4. Ultimate the the US have the same Big Brother, Fascist, Communist government as China.
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  5. Communist???
  6. Make your point.
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  7. Communism means all business belong to people, no private business exists.
    People are getting paid for their labor (socialism).
    People can get for free all the products and do not have to work ( communism).
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  8. Turveyd


    Immediately, it's not helping, it's causing more deaths and chaos, you can keep your 2Metre social distancing BS, just put a media blackout and get on with life.

    There is enough data to know it's know where near as bad as first thought.

    Also possible treatment which will sort out any new infections from this point onward ( allowing 14days+ to hospital needed )
  9. Should it open sports arenas, cinemas, theaters, etc. where a big crowds of people will be?
  10. What if under this agenda more in times people will die, what will be next step?
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