Should we ignore loss in Forex Trading?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Coner1980, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Xwell


    In no case should you ignore your losses, you need to draw a conclusion, analyze, so that you can avoid them in the future.
    #41     Nov 12, 2020
  2. Alsafym


    Losses are given so that in the end we could earn good money, so they need to be taken seriously enough
    #42     Nov 16, 2020
  3. Kajir


    Everything that happens to you during trading requires maximum attention and analysis in order to draw conclusions and develop in the future.
    #43     Nov 23, 2020
  4. Marcos


    Losses do happen in the journey of every trader so we shouldn't feel demotivated by them a lot. Instead we try to avoid them when we can.
    #44     Nov 24, 2020
  5. Pegrinn


    Of course, the loss needs to be analyzed and worked out in order to avoid such situations.
    #45     Dec 1, 2020
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  6. rider20


    Absolutely, else losses will keep growing. So we have to find what's going wrong if we want to save ourselves from making losses.
    #46     Dec 8, 2020
  7. Jenzien


    I suggest tracking your loss and analyze what mistake was done. By doing so, it can develop trading skills and help in building new strategies in the future.
    #47     Dec 8, 2020
  8. You can't ignore losses in Forex trading. Before moving forward to a new trade, go through your trading journal, find out the mistake you made, change your trading plan so that you can minimize your trade losses.
    #48     Dec 9, 2020
  9. Vettel5


    If you are an experienced trader that has been in profit and loss situation, you would know which loss to ignore, but if its a beginner under no circumstance you should ignore it.

    Find the error and analyze what mistake you caused and try to avoid them in the future.
    #49     Dec 19, 2020
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  10. kroxobor


    It's impossible. Should we then also to track winning trades that could happen by pure luck? They also distort results, don't they?
    #50     Dec 20, 2020