Size, Shape of Desk, Chair, Fengshui of Trading room etc

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by qll, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. qll


    Do you like a corner shape or rectangle desk better?
    How much leg rooms does it have? Will you push it to the wall, or leave space? Facing windows, or face a dark backgroud?
    Turn AC cold or warm?
    Leave music on, or keep it quiet?
  2. Mine's the kitchen table, square, counter-height. This way I can stand and trade sometimes. (I think sitting in front of a computer for a career is very unhealthy). I can't use a spare bedroom for fear of annoying the neighbors with my screaming. Can't trade with any sunlight...all shades. And music kind of distracts me, but less so now that I've been trading for a few years and have my system down.

    Temp is usually in the 70's.