SKYRIM : ChatGPT For Npcs

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Nobert, May 17, 2023.

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    Tsing Tao

    That's crazy. The voice sounds so artificial, though. Still, what a massive leap forward.
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    The NPC's can memorize conversations, which means that you can build ,,relationships" with them.

    Can't caunt the times, where as a kid/teen, i would go back to my favorite NPC's and be like :

    ,,Meh... Same old lines"

    And now, if A.I could build quests, it's - a massive leap indeed.
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    They can. I think they will make entire games pretty soon. Note: I'm a professional game dev, but the future of this occupation looks pretty bleak to me. At the very least you can cut 95% of the workforce in let's say the next decade.
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    ,,Wham bam thank you mam"

    Already seing digital drawing industry being disrupted. Kinda feel sad for the digital artists.

    Saw few days ago. One guy was drawing in a traditional way. Average/bellow average skill. Prob was a hobby.
    The gallery changed 360 degrees. All of new pieces - A.I drawings.
    I could tell by the speed of production vs quality, even it being digital, that was of the chart for any human.
    Then saw him posting :
    Selling Art (A.I) prints.

    At least that was honest.

    P.s lucky for doing something, that i hope you love.

    Which workforce you got in mind ?
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    Yeah the only chance to stay in that business is to master the tools (in this case AI). It's like, you can draw a computer image pixel by pixel (and a few do for their idea of a "fun" pastime), but there's no way in hell you can compete doing that.

    The figure I stated goes for making an equivalent game with fewer employees. It's a bit hard to predict the exact dynamics of the total workforce. Traditionally, as game development got more productive, bigger and bigger games were demanded by consumers. So even though you could make a lot more game per person, the necessary workforce exponentially rose. However, will that effect keep people employed in the game industry even with the dramatic increase in productivity ahead? Of course I doubt it but I would love to be surprised.

    I can look at Steam today and be amazed on how many games are being released on there, now multiply that by several orders of magnitude. Games don't cost much to the consumer (some recent exceptions aside). So it's nothing but a hobby unless you reach a large audience - same as with music.

    At the most extreme however, you could tell an AI what game you would like to play, with a single sentence, and it will let you play it, at a level of perfection it will eliminate the need for anyone to make that game. Sadly, as with art, the AI will have been trained on existing human made games, which highlights IP and moral issues. Heck, you could play someone else's game and ask the AI to clone it for you with your modifications - instant competitor! The current generation (e.g. GPT-4) is simply not very original, so there is some motivation for humans, but maybe that's just a transient condition.

    When it comes to who gets the boot first and in what proportions, without thinking too thoroughly I would say: most artists, most audio designers, most or nearly all writers, almost all quality assurance people, a majority of programmers (although unsure how fast), a fair portion of the sales people, most management. Key decision makers and really creative people like some programmers and most game designers might stick around longest.
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    Used this A.I tool for generating music, ,,AIVA"

    For $60 got +100 orchestra type of tracks, of which i own copyrights. Word.
    Nothing too tasty, but good enough.

    3D creators. It would take some time too create a model of a room, hause, human or etc.

    Now it can be done like google street view. You scan the area, and program recreates it within pc.
    Thousands and thousands of polygons.

    Textures aplied too. + UE5.