So I stuck a thermometer inside an apple

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  1. and it was 1-2 degrees warmer than than the room temp.

    room temp 68

    apple temp 70

  2. Banjo


    Everything that's organically decomposing generates heat, it's part of the process and further accelerates the process.
  3. May I ask what prompted you to stick a themometer in an apple? Also you might want to try some vegetables too (I have always imagined a turnip would be relatively warm).
  4. You might have stumbled on cold fusion.
  5. did you use your rectal thermometer ?
  6. auspiv


    could also be the pressure of shoving a thermometer into an apple "squeezing" the base, thus causing the "mercury" (probably red colored water) to rise.
  7. right, friction. good call!
  8. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? :)

  9. Lucrum


    You didn't impale any worms did you?

  10. that makes complete sense because it was going kind of bad
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