So what does everyone think about Wide Range Bar analysis?

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  1. With changing to a smaller time frame, the WRB becomes a lot of smaller bars, yes. But the question is, does the market care if a wrb was made at all. Will it react to that previous wrb at all.
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  2. easymon1


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    This sounds like a question for wrbtrader.
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  4. I wonder if the Professor of Wide Range Bars will come out of his hiding and comment in this thread... :rolleyes:
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    WRB is too cheap for $500. Send him an extra $500. Remember to send him $1000 before you trade again.
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  6. We already know what he thinks.
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  7. Oh, I see. So you like WRB analysis and use it to profit.
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  8. I will wait for someone to show me how it has an edge to it. :p
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    Why do you want him to prove that he has an edge when you know he has no edge? He needs the money. Just send him him $1000 from your millions fo dollars of trading profits.
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  10. You mean the professor of WRB trading? He doesn't even really use it in his trading but he does talk about it because he sells those courses of his. You know, second income and all. LOL
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