So what does everyone think about Wide Range Bar analysis?

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  1. Yes, a LOON, and he even sues people who try to use any of his worldly wrb teachings. He doesn't want to lose his income. His threads are always closed here at ET. I think he tells Baron he will sue him if he allows any "wrb" stuff on ET. Maybe he has patented the phrase. Who knows.
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  2. Turveyd


    Small world kinda, he's hateful, beyond stupid, complete low IQ nut job, blocked me finally, I was going to join his group under various IDs and trash him, guess I'm going to have to, pay back is a bitch. Lol!

    No comments yet from him, I'll check later lol

    Defo autistic and lives in his parents basement, home in Canada and France but can't speak French yeah right lol busted him there. Defo failed trader aswell.
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  3. I saw him attacking you in the Political forum. He likes to do that a lot to people. He blocked me also after calling me a dickhead. I think he needs to look in the mirror to see one. :D

    He is always here making comments in the morning when he is supposedly trading. I never come here in the morning. The only reason I am here right now is because Ninja is freaking out and I am waiting for some support. :(
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  4. Turveyd


    Making shit up, ignoring anything that doesn't support his FEAR of Covid, if I could get my hands on him :)

    Bummer on Ninja, running 8 here, all fine, it does have random freak outs, opened 2nd chart and lost my open positions, they hit TP so all good, without that stuck in limbo.

    MT4 is better and FREE!!
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  5. wrbtrader


    To Turveyd,

    First, this is the trading section. I told you once before that when you go barking up this tree (starting shit with me) and on several occasions after you actually made threats in the past to then only see your message posts deleted by either a moderator or Baron although I'm not sure whom actually was deleting your message posts....
    • You should have been banned in my opinion...just for the threats alone. I did complain to Baron...obviously you're still posting. Thus, he's not going to do anything.
    You'll run back to you Trade Journal like a chicken running around without its head and talk about your incoherent trading and personal life.

    Nobody follows you back there because they are respectful including myself.

    Common Theme of your talked a lot about your undying support from President Trump when we all know you are not an American, you do not live in America...most likely never been to America.

    In fact, you live in the U.K. and you literally bragged about infecting your "mates" (I'm assuming that's the British word for friends) with Covid-19.

    You then defended your posting via rationalizing that Covid-19 was the flu or like a cold...only old people die (your words) including stating they should be sacrificed instead of shutting down the economy...a place you do not live in.

    Some of us (including me) called you out for your disgraceful bragging about infecting others and then rationalizing it was OK because your "mates" barely got sick. Guess what, a month later you then strangely changed your story and said one or "they died".
    • What the Fuck !!!
    I'm not a rocked scientist but that sounds like murder to me. You then changed your story again when I and others called you out about your behaviour in a Pandemic...

    You then start complaining there's no Covid-19 where you're at in the U.K. and that the U.K. government (I think you said you lived in Worcestor) wasn't being fair because there's no Covid-19 in your town and you couldn't understand why the lockdowns when there's no Covid-19.

    Your story doesn't add up. We all know your complaints about Covid-19 while earlier you clearly stated there's NO covid-19 in your area and you were angry about businesses closures, mental illness from the lockdowns, people dying from the lockdowns when there's NO covid-19 in your area.
    • I even posted screenshots of your confusing story. You have schizophrenia ?
    Yet, you continue your undying love of the United States President Donald Trump as if you're from the United States and you acted the role very well via being a Covidiot. Anti-Democrat posting, anti-liberal posting, talking about American politics as if you're confused about your Nationality. live in the United Kingdom. :D
    • Yeah, you have not been pro-trumping around here that much lately. Did you realize he's a loser and that losers tend to support / follow other losers ?
    I showed up in the Political threads especially in the Sweden threads...remember Sweden...calling you out for your B.S. views about the Pandemic and Trump after I notice your bragging of infecting others with Covid-19 and bragging there's no Covid-19 in your town...the marbles don't roll straight when it comes from you. :D

    Each time you were called out for such by others and would then run back to your Trade Journal because we cannot retaliate there and you know enough about me that I consider ET members Trade Journals like on sacred land.

    In fact, I've been here long enough to say for fact that I saw people banned from this forum for posting the way you post in the other trading related threads if they were to do such in the Trade Journal threads (that's a hint).

    Countless of times you've used your Trade Journal to attack other members, your crappy life, your ex girlfriends and you have mention at this forum several times talking about depression, mental illness, drugs in your neighbourhood, drug addicts, seeing your girlfriend with her new boyfriend in the gym...
    • All while in this Pandemic. You have a LOSER life or you live in a trailer park.
    Almost forgot, you openly stated you were going to TROLL me in retaliation and members warned you about such because they know a little more about me than you do. In addition, they know why you were banned from ForexFactory or something like that.
    • Yeah, I know more about your posting habits and bully like trolling tactics. I'm the wrong person for you to tangle with.
    You've attacked my intelligence often with the "low IQ" comments in an effort to draw me out because you know I have you on IGNORE...the same with Fortuneteller whom I've recently put on IGNORE after I saw him accuse multiple different members of different ethnicity (e.g. Japanese, Puerto Rican, German, Brazil, etc and other ethnicity) as being BLACK or statements like "you hate Whites".

    FortuneTeller even has an issue with me after I told him my grandmother is 4/4 degree Lakota, my father is 4/4 degree Lakota, my mother is French (many different ethnicity on her side of the family...blond hair, blue eye...White...natural tan although her hair has whiten...she's old now but can take care of herself even when riots / looting were occurring on the Magnificent Mile).

    Oh yeah, I posted several videos of my neighbourhood here in Québec, videos of my street and of myself with friends competing in a famous winter festival race here in Québec. FortuneTeller saw the videos.

    Everybody speaking French but I did not tell him which person in the video was me but I gave him a strong hint...the guy with the strange strong accent...talking in French and English...fluently. Oh wait...the same guy in another video that speaks another language to a kid (not shown in the video) that's my son...speaking the same indigenous language...Lakota. :D
    • Fortuneteller response...I can never live where you live...its too cold. Later, referring to it as "shitty Canada".
    I don't know what's wrong you two but I know others see it too...failed Trump Supporters and Covidiots. Yet, you have no meat in America in comparison to me growing up in the United States although we moved around a lot (military family)...boarding schools...private school education...Catholic.

    You see me talking in some of the tax threads with others that ask questions about complicated tax issues involving having multiple citizenships, homes in different countries. I reply because I'm just being helpful and take advantage of many tax issues via my citizenship in different countries.

    In response, some folks here like you and FortuneTeller seem either jealous or offended by me not being shy to talk about my personal background when either asked or sone dumbass makes a personal attack about such.

    I inherited my home in France when my grandparents on my mother side of the business transfer their estate and business to me when they died while I was in graduate school after the military.

    My parents in Chicago divorced and then my old man purchased a home in Evanston. I my brother living in South Dakota and I inherited that home. We both use it as a vacation home and its very near to my Mom's condo near the Magnificent Mile area.

    I purchased a condo in the historical district of Québec City and showed videos here at ET. I also own a home near a ski resort...both discussed here at ET when the currency exchange rate was crazy in favor of the U.S. dollar at a time when 1 USD dollar was worth +1.50 in Canadian dollar....great time to buy property in Québec area especially after discovering some of my ancestral roots here in Québec via ancestor research.

    Back to my parents considering you guys are mentioning them in this section called Technical Analysis.

    My mom still lives and loves the Northside of Chicago and Evanston...she's been living there since her early 20's...its her home in a very expensive neigbourhood. She loves it more than South France now especially after the death of her parents.

    FortuneTeller, suddenly, behaves (doesn't admit it) as if he's offended about me having parents of different ethnicity or he's offended about my family or offended about my military background or he's offended that I do in fact defend Chicago and the Indigenous in South Dakota...

    But only after I make corrections and educate him about Chicago, South Dakota, Québec or South France.
    • You have my permission to talk to Baron. I only post from three locations prior to the Pandemic and border closures...Québec, South France and Chicago. I've never posted from South Dakota (I think).
    As stated, if you want to talk to me via French only...come into my backyard now that you then admitted (here again in this thread) that you were going to join and give me shit and that I do not speak French. :D

    Whatever crawled up your butt and FortuneTeller butt and now giving you two a dingleberry in that special itchy place...I know for fact you two are racists, trump supporters no matter how many times you two will deny it while liking so many racist posts by others.

    Just as bad during a both are Covidiots in which FortuneTeller admitted he's offended and refer to it as calling names.whenever I called people out for being Covidiots such as referring to +300,000 Covid-19 deaths as fake news. Remember, you're on record here at ET in stating one / some of your "mates" died from Covid-19.
    • Turveyd...remember when I told you I was going to smoke you out, smoke out Buy1Sell2 and someone else...that someone else is FortuneTeller. :rolleyes:
    Soon after, FortuneTeller than post a message in the feedback thread or Political thread in wondering why I switch from the trading threads to the Political threads. He couldn't figure it out but you knew because I told you without mentioning the name of that 3rd person. In fact...I think you refer to it as a "vendetta". :D

    Hell, you yourself is a RACIST after you learned I lived in South Korea for a few years and defended their Covid-19 performance response and success. You then replied with a racist post about South Koreans...all in the trading related threads...not the political threads.

    I think the few South Koreans at this forum or married to a South Korean (e.g. Ken Calhoun) would be very offended by someone like you.
    • I complained and your message post and others were deleted.
    As usual, I now wait several hours or days before replying / complaining because guys like you will try to claim victory via saying you deleted your own message post in that allotted 60 min timespan for editing / deletion like you've done in the past.

    Therefore, I'm now replying because you guys can not try that crap via saying you deleted your own posts.

    Back to FortuneTeller, he refers to the Magnificent Mile area of Chicago as the "ghetto" this thread and in other threads. He can't even write those words Magnificent Mile or Evanston...he keeps saying "ghetto" whenever I talk about the area I grew up within.

    Serious, review the Magnificent Mile and Evanston info at the below links:
    Is that the ghetto with Northwestern University, a world globally known academic university...the ghetto ???

    You damn right I'm offended each and every time he does that bullshit because he knows damn well where I grew up while "hiding" his own location whenever he's asked by myself and others. He'll reply...he doesn't reveal his personal details online.

    Yet, he's fixated on Chicago and even implied he had lived in Chicago and then admitted he said such after I posted a screenshot of his message post. We agreed that his wording was misunderstood that he left Chicago when he was a kid even though others saw it too and think he grew up for awhile in Chicago.

    He even tried some bullshit stunt by pulling a picture from the Al Capone days and pass it off as Chicago today and I was offended, called him out for it with a reply via showing him what it looked like today.
    Fortuneteller didn't like that...didn't like being called out like that in the Political threads. He soon went on a +20 message post rant in random Political threads all within 30min timespan like some Psycho.

    By the way, you'll notice in the above message post links...there's no personal attacks on FortuneTeller. Just an education lesson from me about an area I have close friends today living in and a nearby Oak Park area...Italian neighbourhoods...not a ghetto. Therefore, what caused him to fall off the that cliff to start this bullshit thread...why you here posting too...did you forget my warning to you guys about such ???
    • It's simple, you and him can not take the heat in the Political threads. Nobody is blind to you two bully like childish tactics and you both should be banned or at the minimum given a warning directly from Baron.
    By the way Turveyd...did I ever bother you in your Trade Journal or personally attack you in the Trading threads...
    • The answer is NO.
    Did I every bother Fortuneteller in any trading threads or attack his trading...
    • The answer is NO.
    It's obvious why this thread was started...Fortuneteller is a RACIST and he's a Covidiot. It's also obvious why you're participating in this're not able or too chicken to troll me in the Political threads nor in my own backyard because you're too scared.

    So lets set the record straight about a few of your bullshit commentary considering your intent to make it personal by mentioning my Parents in a trading related thread...specifically in the Technical Analysis section for all to see what type of person you and Fortuneteller really are as a human being.
    • My Father (a proud veteran / officer) is lives in North block away from the Magnificent Mile. Recently, this summer, moved to a new condo from her prior condo of 12 years on the Magnificent mile.
    Therefore, impossible for me to live in my parents basement as you stated when I live in another country with my family...its called Canada. Have you heard about it ??? In fact, the province I live in and raising my family is called Québec.

    I've posted videos of my street, my neighbourhood and I'm in the damn video. How about you ??? :D
    • You can't handle it when others tell you to keep it clean. It take 2 - 3 times of them telling you such before you go off the deep end like some LOSER crybaby for you to begin your PROFANITY or personal attacks or you then run back in a temper tantrum fit to your Trade Journal to bash others and announce on 3 different occasions that you were mad at us and leaving the even stated you can't take it anymore here at Elitetrader as if you're having a mental breakdown...remember ???
    Yet, you're still here. You'll now most likely go back to your trade journal to talk about your ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend, your friends via the word "mates", drug addicts, mental illness, jumping from trade method to trade method for like what...+10 years between and Forexfactory ???

    Turveyd, go get psychological help. If you have not figure out your trading by now or your personal life...just get a job and live a quiet life because you're not suitable for trading.
    • You can not enter my free resources because there's that infamous requirement that most trolls hate and some admitting such (you won't admit it)...
    You need to post your redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform and then you must verify you understand WRB Analysis via DOKs (demonstration of knowledge) to verify you've learned / applied WRB Analysis.

    You never did such nor able to do such but many others have. :D
    • Why is that and why didn't you mention such in this thread under the façade of Technical Analysis as if nobody would know what your real agenda is all about ?
    That's why you can't join my resources because it would be time away from your own lame / silly trade journal. It will be time away from your countless number of variation of indicators.
    • Seriously, I don't use indicators...that's a big conflict for you and you know it.
    Thus, you can never give me shit as in act like a troll in my backyard as you've threaten many times as a low life human being on occasion here in trading threads but too scared to do such in the Political threads because you know what I will say to you over there. :rolleyes:
    • Baron already knows I was going to retaliate if FortuneTeller or you make personal attacks in the trading threads aimed at me.
    Now, you and FortuneTeller do everybody a favor and keep your shit out of the Trading threads and go post the same bullshit in the Political threads because the real issue here is about you two...

    Failed Trump Supporters and Covidiots that can't take the heat in the Political Threads. Donald is done...get use to it...grow up and move on.

    One of you lives in Worcester, United Kingdom that for awhile pretended to be an American and the other too chicken to tell us the name of his city / country after giving us the impression that he grew up in Chicago.

    See you guys in the Political threads...I'll be waiting there for you and you know you'll find me there. :sneaky:



    P.S. I'll occasionally repost the above message whenever you guys start bullshit personal attacks here in the trading threads after being a chicken to do such in the Political threads.

    That will force Baron to either close this thread, move the thread to the Political section like he or someone did the Sweden threads or maybe he'll just delete this thread because he knows what this is really all about.

    Above Message saved and copied / screenshot for reposting

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  6. S-Trader


    Can you clarify, or were you just being facetious? My apologies if the latter and I just didn't get it -- there are so many crazy things going on, it's hard to discern what's "real" and what's not, lol. But as it was stated, it definitely doesn't seem to be correct.
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  7. .sigma


    I get the odd feelin' you're the one who bought this course
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  8. .sigma


    @wrbtrader bro............................................................................
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  9. One good thing about Wide Range Bars is that they can be used for targets:

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  10. maxinger


    This is not a joke.

    You are going to get different opinions;
    some valid, some questionable, some nonsensical ....

    Many traders have problems with choosing an appropriate chart.

    At times, the market moves very rapidly.
    And that's where you have to use say 2 mins and not 5 mins chart.

    For my case, I use volume and not time-based chart.
    So I might have to use say 100V and not 300V chart.

    Go back to Mar / Apr 2020 timeframe.
    The market was moving extremely violently.
    choosing the appropriate chart was very important.
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