So whats up with this sell off 9-20-2021

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  1. I think it's the market twisting the FOMC arm to get what they want, and that's no change at all. I'm certain the FOMC will accommodate them as they always do.

    It's funny how they never bring up incoming data when it's inflationary. But this will most definitely get their attention. ES now down 100, NQ now down 480
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    The end is near... lol
  3. zghorner


    the end of the drop...or the end of rainbows and sunshine stonks only go up?
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  4. I remember the 07-08 sell off. When the markets would get good and oversold. The media would break some fake story about the secret fed meetings, or some bogus story, everything would shoot up. Usually happened on a Friday, Such a corrupt business.
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  5. destriero


    Dude, have you heard of China?

    The alternate possibility is that Stevie Cohen heard you went long sim and is hunting your stops.
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    I would think with this being Biden's first term, and him wanting re-election, no major financial crises would be allowed until his second term. But, I don't know.
  7. Did anyone make a million in the market today, or 100,000...or 10,000....or 1,000, or 100,...or $10, :vomit: o_O
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    Fear... and there's a lot to be afraid of: We've got inflation, unemployment, China Xi "Common Prosperity" trust-busting, a senile president, and real risk of hawkish statements from Uncle Jerome about tapering and tightening at the FOMC meeting on Wednesday.

    This whole "Bull" market is a house of cards, based on Fiscal, Monetary, and Regulatory stimulus. In 2019, $AAPL was is valued at around $1T; now, they're at $2.4T. Did the demand for iPhones grow that much during the pandemic? It's malarchy.

    We're also heading into flu season, which isn't going to help the whole COVID/Delta narrative. Personally I'm setting up my winter bunker and will be writing code, trading, working, and innovating. I will be spending very little on anything (except for toilet paper).
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    How on earth could some of you traders not understand that Evergreen was the catalyst for today's sell off ?
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  10. %%
    Takes longer than a day/ make millions ; but do $5,000 @ year@ 12% for 50 years>14,777,888/Stock Traders Almanac #s.
    I knock off abit for slippage he does not/LOL
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