So where's paradise

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  1. I'm thinking tropical island -- visually stunning, cerulean water, great seafood, visually stunning, friendly locals. And visually stunning. Somewhere to remind me that there's a reason we put up with all this bs with the flickering ticks in the first place. Any recommendations? Where's that certain place that makes you incredulous you're still on the same planet? Aiming for a week or 2 in December.
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  3. I've heard Cabo is nice. I second that. Or Bora Bora. Also, I've had many friends that have gone to cancun and they say its beautiful but a dangerous place if you stray too far from the resorts.
  4. Dominica, (not Dominican Republic); a lush natural island with hundreds of waterfalls and pristine waters. Do some research, many different types of places to stay depending on what you're into but if you want a real escape from the rest of the world, that place is like a time warp.

    Jungle Bay-

    Beau Rive-

    One for adventure, one for relaxing
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    Palau, Micronesia, Tuamotu...
  6. Turks and Caicos
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    Lambeau Field.
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    They have young topless women in grass skirts there?
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    El Nido, Philippines, go there before the Chinese ruin it.
  10. aitutaki, cook islands.
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