Socialised health care in Canada poll

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  1. My American Uncle had chest pains, he went to the doctor, the doctor diagnosed his heart problems, he was in surgery the next day and survived for about a decade after that.

    My Canadian father had similar problems. He went to his doctor, he was tested, they couldn't find anything, he was sent home and died two weeks later. My father's doctor was an immigrant who I found out later was basically chased out of town for inferior services. I'm sure the diagnostic equipment used to test my father was 10 or 20 years older than most used in the States. The Canadian system doesn't have as many well trained Canadian educated doctors as I believe it should. I think that's partly because the doctors themselves want to limit competition and also the government isn't pushing to train enough doctors.

    If you have good private insurance, you're typically better off to be sick in the US. I'm not sure about the details but I've heard that the UK has a pretty good government system. The doctors there are paid on how much healthier they can get their patients to be instead of how many of them that they see.

    In Canada there is no user fee which is a big mistake. The original system was supposed to be set up with a user fee but that got lost somewhere along the way. Without a user fee, you get all kinds of hypochondriacs and whiners that go to the doctor for everything. A user fee would also change the attitude of the doctors here. The doctors in Canada quite often act as if they are the boss of everything. If you had a user fee that might change the doctor's attitude by reminding them that the patient is a customer.
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    People are always unhappy with what they have until they try something else. ;) So don't believe everything people say. The US health care system has big problems that need fixing just as the Canadian health care system. Considering everything I prefer the Canadian system because I know that no matter where I end up fiancially or healthwise in the future I will always get my healt care. I don't think most people can say that under the US health care system. You pick which is better. :)
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    Yeah, I agree that with a nice private insurance you are quite a bit better off in the US than in Canada. That is as long as you have that nice private insurance! :) Once you get sick and you lose your insurance no company will insure you again. Correct me if I'm wrong about that.
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  4. I see alot of bashing on the Canadian system which is not warranted...

    1. I am Canadian and have lived in Ontario my whole life.

    2. Wait times are not nearly as long as being made out to be by the other posts...These long wait times are for certain surgery procedures etc., not for the entire healthcare system as a whole. I can see my family doctor or visit the hospital any day I want, and it will cost me 0$.
    --- Not to mention the fact that more people (as a % of population) who need care are being treated in Canada, which inherently causes more wait time.

    3. Any extra taxes paid (which is little by the way) greatly offsets the cost of any procedure that needed to be fully paid for (US system)

    4. Nobody in Canada has ever gone broke or lost their house due to an emergency medical problem and never will...

    5. Blame statistical gathering methods all you want...but Canada is routinely rated as having one of the best healthcare systems in the world (especially in London ON where I live, re: Sicko by Michael Moore)
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    The American DRs I have seen to treat adrenal fatigue have been incompetent, corrupt, and purely evil, save one.

    Why would an American DR ever cure anyone if they can cover up diseases until they turn into cancer, and make millions?
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  6. What Sam has described here is the exact problem with the USA healthcare system. Doctors see patients as customers, not patients. How often do you think unnecessary appointments and tests are done on patients? A lot, because it's money in the Doctor's pocket.
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    <i>Once you get sick and you lose your insurance no company will insure you again. Correct me if I'm wrong about that.</i>

    You are correct. It happened to my friend after she got laid off.

    We have a great system as long as you are employed and with it the private insurance.

    If you are not covered by insurance, things are not so great. I have seen it first hand.
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    first of I am a proud Canadian and support its system

    HOWEVER all of you have missed the point including my beaver lackeys

    It is IMMORAL to have US based private health care

    IT IS IMMORAL all money aside

    health care should not be privilege

    health care is a human RIGHT !!!!!!!
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    Every Canadian I have met are very patriotic and proud people. But it clouds their judgement. Healthcare in Canada is far inferior to that of the US. Any competent doctors and R.N.s for that matter long left Canada for better wages in the US. People die waiting for the care that they need in Canada simple as that. For minor cuts and bruises go to Canada anything else come to the US. US has plenty of problems associated with its healthcare system but one thing is for sure, socialist medicine will never even compare to that of the US.
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  10. I've always thought a good poll for Canadians would be:

    1. Are you satisfied with your healthcare system?

    2. Would you trade it for what they have in the US?
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