Socialised health care in Canada poll

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  1. JOSEF


    <i>I believe the best thing would be for the Government to slowly exit(over a number of years) the healthcare business. But it would probably be easier to create aerial swine...</i>

    And what is your solution for people with pre-existing conditions?
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  2. Mnphats


    Canadian Pride. He most certainly had the money to do so. The point is if socialized medicine is so good with no long lines he shouldn't have to come to the US.
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  3. Ribs


    you just don't understand

    there are things in this world where monetary value can not be applied

    for example.......AIR we breathe

    basic human right not to die if we can help it

    someone ought to pay me for teaching you folks
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  4. It depends on the state. Some states like California have state programs that will cover you. Other states require them to write prexisting conditions. Georgia is one. I had a pre existing condition in Georgia and Humana wrote the policy, but they wouldn't cover me in California.

    Then again you can always get a job that pays for it. Thats the rub for most democrats. They don't like to get jobs.
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  5. PaulRon


    I'm Canadian and despire our health care system. Ruptured my appendix and waited 4 hours before surgery.
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  6. Mnphats


    I see your point, but monetary value has to be applied especially to health care how else do you pay for entitlements.
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  7. Banff01


    I am with Ribs on this one. You Americans just don't get it. The same goes for guns. You'd rather live in paranoia with a gun in your bed to pretend that you are feeling safe. The same goes for health care. Health care is NOT A BUSINESS. No matter what you do it will always have to be subsidized by the tax money. I repeat: Health care is NOT A BUSINESS! You all think about it. When you get the point you will realize what Canadians have that you don't have. Health care should be a basic human right for everyone - nothing less. Only totally selfish people cannot understand that. It's absolute shame that there is 46.6 million uninsured people in the US, which tries so hard to portray itself as the most developed nation in the world. Probably just a fraction of the money blown on the Iraq war could have fixed your heatlh care system.
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  8. As stated in my earlier post I live in the USA. San Diego,CA to be exact. I have heard on LA radio (KFI am 640) that many countries
    with socialised health care will limit access to medical care based
    on individual lifestyle choices:wtf:verweight, smokes, drinks alcohol
    etc. An individual who partakes in a lifestyle choices that the"STATE" deems unhealthy will be denied care. Is this true in
    Canada or the UK?
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  9. JOSEF


    <I>Then again you can always get a job that pays for it. Thats the rub for most democrats. They don't like to get jobs.</I>

    I'm not a Democrat. But we do have a 7.6% unemployment rate bound to get higher.

    And many of the jobs that people have do not even pay health insurance.
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  10. Banff01



    Not true for Canada. I don't know about the other countries but I strongly doubt it.
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