Socialised health care in Canada poll

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  1. What does Canadian pride have to do with getting the necessary health care to live? He chose to die rather than get health care in another country?

    I never disputed the fact that there are wait times, I am just arguing that they are not nearly as long as most Americans think. The trade off between wait times and cost is certainly in Canada's favor.
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  3. Not true in Canada, not sure about other countries.
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    So you can't get the necessary health care to live in Canada? He didn't chose to die, he chose the Canadian health care system.
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  6. I am arguing you CAN get the necessary health care to live in Canada, you are arguing the opposite. I just don't understand that IF he couldn't get care in Canada (as you have stated) then why wouldn't he go to the USA to get treated? This discussion is rather off topic however so feel free not to respond...
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    Agreed. Makes you wonder where so much of the gun control registry money went. It probably could have cost 10 times less if implemented properly.
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  8. As well as a much higher murder rate...

    Which would inevitably end up costing health care even MORE money.
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  9. No they just died instead.

    I guess that's better.

    Your obviously healthy !

    I hate to say this but wait till you REALLY need the system and then decide if it's so great.

    There is a better alternative it's called 2 tier but your probably so politically brainwashed that your mind is made up.
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    The 2 tier system is just a brainwash coming from the US companies trying to expand to Canada. I agree that there is some space for private health care services but you have to be surgically accurate as to where you allow it. Even then it's a pandora's box. Once you make it legal to have private hostpitals up here - the US companies will sue the Canadian government on the basis of unfair competition with the subsidized public health care system thus eventually destroying it. It's not that simple under the current trade agreements. Look at the lumber industry. The government can't even bail them out without the competition down south complaining.
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