Socialised health care in Canada poll

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    No dead people don't cost the system that much. :D :D
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    I have yet to have someone explain to me how if I'm standing in line for a procedure and the guy in front of me can afford to pay for his procedure and gets out of the line how I'm worse off.
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  3. Why do you think I am politically brainwashed? Because I prefer the Canadian health care system vs. the American health care system? I've given my arguments as to why I think one is better than the other. Maybe YOU are the one who is politically brainwashed...
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  4. In a privatized system the best health care costs the most money. The idea behind universal health care is so everyone has equal opportunity to get the best treatment available.

    In your example, the guy still standing in line is worse off because he is receiving less quality health care as the best professionals have migrated to the private system to make more money. If no private system exists, all of the best doctors are retained in the public system thus providing the best care to all individuals.
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    It sounds good and you may not be worse off right at that moment but you will be worse off in the end.
    1) Like I said the US companies will sue the canadian goverment under Nafta unfair competition act for subsidizing of the public health care system thus choking away funds.
    2) The best doctors will work in the private part of the system so you will get worse service under the public system.
    3) The private part of the system will influence the goverment through lobbying while the public system won't have that privilage. Thus the public tier of the system will slowly become obsolete while the private part will expand and slowly take its place.

    Don't buy into the private sector quick fix arguments. There is no quick fix and any introduction of private health care in Canada needs a lot of thinking and extreme care in its implementation.
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  6. Not true in UK or Australia. Amongst other things, it would clearly violate medical ethics.
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    But But But
    Don't we already have a 2 teer system;
    Don't the politicos, RCMP, Pro sports teams, WCB have their own doctors? If you have the cash you can get goods.
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    <i>"Daschle says health-care reform �will not be pain free.� Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them. That means the elderly will bear the brunt"</i>

    Just for the record; per your article, Daschle only stated that health-care reform will not be pain free. The author of the opinion page (which the article is) added the rest.

    <i>I guess we will just let the old people die like Teri schivao. Great way to save money.</i>

    Well, I rather die the way I want to instead of having the government telling me how I am supposed to die. It was really despicable how the federal government decided to get involved in a case that was already litigated in state court.
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    Good point. There are a lot of private health care institutions in Canada already but they operate on semi-legal to illegal basis. The government simply chooses to tolerate them instead of going after them. If you have the cash you can also get the health care in the US without waiting in line. I'm not sure about it but you may even get part of the costs paid for from your health insurance (to the extent of what it would cost in Canada of course). You could even argue that since there is private health care available just south of the border we don't need it in Canada because the people who have enough money to pay for their surgeries already have that option (the additional cost of travel is negligible compared to the cost of the actual surgery and associated hospital stay). I am not very happy with the current state of the Canadian health care system but I would never trade it for the US style health care system.
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