Socialised health care in Canada poll

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    In a major city like Toronto there are hundreds of walk-in clinics open 7 days a week. You just show up and ask the doc anything. Bring the kids, bring the whole family, it's all free!

    They will run blood tests, write perscriptions, run other tests, and do anything that can be done by one doctor and a nurse in a clinic. That covers a lot of stuff required by most people. Or make an appt. with your family dr.

    Again, you simply walk into these clinics no appt. required.


    Concerned about the street drugs you just consumed? Think you got VD from that hooker? Just drop by. :p

    AND: Ontario has telehealth, just call and you speak with a registered nurse. For those who have children just think how that could be useful - kids had a fever, kid is turning purple, whatever; just call and they'l hook you up or refer you.
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  2. 129,000 people lost their jobs in Canada in January.

    Not one of them will go broke from lack of health care. A 1st World country needs a healthy labor force.

    These families and their childrens' health will not suffer one bit due to the layoffs. They will remain as strong and healthy to work again.

    Just think of the savings in productivity to have a workforce who has access to health care. This goes for mental health care, too.
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  3. JOSEF


    <i>In a major city like Toronto there are hundreds of walk-in clinics open 7 days a week. You just show up and ask the doc anything. Bring the kids, bring the whole family, it's all free!</i>

    Just for the record; it's not free as it is paid via your income taxes.

    Regardless, how nice it must be not to have worry about pre-existing conditions!
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  4. I know I know it's not free but there are no billing departments!

    Google says:

    Results 1-10 of about 1,685 for walk-in clinics near Toronto, ON

    Telehealth Ontario

    Free Access to a Registered Nurse — 24 Hours a day, 7 days a Week.
    Now help is close at hand. You do not need to provide your health insurance number and all information is confidential. It doesn't hurt to call.

    1-866-797-0000 TTY : 1-866-797-0007

    What is Telehealth Ontario?
    Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential telephone service you can call to get health advice or general health information from a Registered Nurse.

    That means quick, easy access to a qualified health professional, who can assess your symptoms and help you decide your best first step. We can help you decide whether to care for yourself, make an appointment with your doctor, go to a clinic, contact a community service or go to a hospital emergency room.

    How Does Telehealth Ontario Work?
    When you call Telehealth Ontario, you will be talking directly with a Registered Nurse. You will be asked to describe your symptoms and answer questions to best assess the seriousness of the problem. Based on the assessment, the Registered Nurse can either advise self care, recommend a visit to a health practitioner or, give you the phone numbers of community resources nearest you.

    The Telehealth Ontario service is provided in English and French, with translation support for other languages and a direct TTY number for those with hearing and speech difficulties. Callers can also be connected to medication information and health information audio tapes.
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  5. Stimulus


    Only a delusional, pompous, bleeding-heart liberal socialist pinhead would believe that.
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    it is triage and racial. let the old white people die in america and use the resources for those groups with the greater fertility rates

    for the record teri was not old. she was 26 years old in 1990.
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    If we were Canada or the UK and had a very limited budget for healthcare with no massive healthcare infrastrucutre already built out then I agree that some rationing needs to take place, but in a country where 40c of every dollar doesn't even go to providing healthcare I think we can do better for everyone and STILL SAVE money. To not at least look at tort reform and the savings that it would bring prior to rationing healthcare for any group would be unconscionable.
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  8. I think a better poll would be this:

    1) Do you prefer Canadian healthcare to US employer based healthcare? No employer based US healthcare is superior.

    2) Do you prefer Canadian healthcare to US individual based healthcare? Yes absolutely.

    And therein lies the rub. Employer based healthcare is becoming harder and harder to come by.

    It is obvious that the people arguing the US is better aren't self-employed traders. If you were you'd be buying your own health insurance and you'd be fearing the day you get truly sick and your rates go through the roof or your insurance company starts denying coverage when you aren't in a position to battle them.

    The whole concept of individually purchased insurance is fundamentally flawed. You lose the benefits of group buying power and when you need the service the most the price goes up. But that's where we are heading in this recession.
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  9. Right and the 407 is suing the 401 for being free!

    Your Wrong and nothing but a political puppet .
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    I looked into moving to Canada when Obama got elected. I was just worried that he would spend too much and enter into a protectionist type mode. Two weeks into office, biggest spending bill in history, and 'buy American only' for all those that receive this funding, which I believe is seriously 'protectionist'. DO NOT want to start political debate here, thats not my point. I was turned off to Canada because although my Fed taxes would have been quite similiar, the local taxes seem out of control. Like 12%+ ??? Why is this? Is the socialized medicine paid for on a local level or something?
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