Socialism for the Rich and Capitalism for the Poor !

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    While the Fed generously bailed out everyone who held more than $250,000 at Silicone Valley Bank and other banks that have recently failed or about to fail in the near future, they're going all out to block poor people from getting their food stamps.

    This is really fucked up to the core and hypocrisy at its worst. :vomit:

    House GOP Pushes Bill Targeting Food Assistance for the Poor

    The legislation would impose more harsh work requirements on certain recipients amid growing food insecurity.

    More than a dozen House Republicans are expected to release legislation Tuesday that would impose more harsh work requirements on certain recipients of federal food aid, a clear signal that the GOP intends to target nutrition assistance in critical debt ceiling, budget, and farm bill talks.

    Led by Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.), the measure would “expand the age bracket for able-bodied [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] recipients without dependents, who have to meet complicated work requirements,” according to Politico, which obtained a copy of the bill ahead of its official introduction.

    Johnson’s legislation, which currently has 14 Republican co-sponsors, would broaden the SNAP work requirement age bracket for able-bodied adults without dependents to 18 to 65, adding 16 years to the current age ceiling of 49, Politico reported. Former President Donald Trump previously proposed raising the age ceiling to 62.

    What does Johnson's SNAP bill do?

    Johnson's bill, the America Works Act, reforms the work requirements for able-bodied adults without children who are receiving SNAP benefits.

    • It raises the maximum age for work requirements from 49 to 65
    • It cuts down on a state's ability to waive work requirements
    • It emphasizes work requirements for able-bodied adults without children
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  2. themickey


    Probably not a lot different from; whack someone so they cry and you'll get jail time, wear a white collar and rip off millions from everybody and you'll be given a 2nd chance.
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  3. schizo


    For you who don't know your history, this was one of the main causes of both French Revolution and Russian Revolution. It rarely ever ends well.
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  4. Cuddles


    they have a PR buzzterm for this, "moral hazard" is it?
  5. newwurldmn


    I’m a liberal through and through but I actually agree with this. In America today, any able bodied person can get a job.

    The bill targets people who aren’t encumbered by kids.

    62 is the retirement age for every other facet of life, it shouldn’t be different for this program.

    finally, in a period where there is a labor shortage it’s dumb for the government to subsidize able bodied people to not work.

    The article made it sound like they were targeting single moms and were trying to starve kids, but they aren’t.

    I also am glad that the fed bailed out depositors. You have nowhere else to put your money and depositors have little say on how a bank is run. I do believe in stricter bank regulation.

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  6. Cuddles


    i dunno about all that man, i've seen "retired" field workers and brick layers. Work took its toll:

  7. newwurldmn


    We don’t make a distinction about type of work for retirement in any other conversation. SNAP shouldn’t be any different.

    Perhaps Wall Street traders should receive government assistance. It’s a very stressful job. Same with trauma surgeons.

  8. Cuddles


    did you miss the income bit? Trader and surgeon can afford the meds, shrink, triple bypass, sabbatical/vacation or career change. A poor fucks up a joint and they end up w/high cholesterol and heart issues from reduced mobility
  9. newwurldmn


    no I didn’t. You talked about bricklayers, not about income.

    There are lots of low income jobs that aren’t back breaking.

    and this is all a straw man argument anyway.

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  10. Cuddles


    well, I was hoping you'd connect bricklaying w/low income (why I posted graphs/link). There sure are a lot of low income jobs that aren't back breaking but their mortality age is still lower. Stacey working as a receptionist getting fat w/crappy health insurance will still live a shorter life. Since we don't have bracketed retirement age by income to reflect shorter life spans and we refuse to have adequate healthcare coverage for everyone, lessening the income ratio hit from food seems appropriate.

    I do agree the GOP makes strawmans for all their safety net cuts though. They ought to play ball on immigration if they want to see an impact on labor shortages. All this "make kids work" and bring people out of retirement nonsense is getting old. In any case, I went to look at the SNAP requirements because republicans often lie. There are two categories, the general work requirements are already imposed up to age 59, they want to bump 49+ to the harder work requirement provision and strip states from having a say (so much for states rights). Cali/NY. residents already have a higher income hit due to housing so the state having a say is important imo.

    The General Work Requirements
    SNAP has two sets of work requirements. If you are age 16 – 59 and able to work, you will probably need to meet the general work requirements to get SNAP benefits. The general work requirements include registering for work, participating in SNAP Employment and Training (E&T) or workfare if assigned by your state SNAP agency, taking a suitable job if offered, and not voluntarily quitting a job or reducing your work hours below 30 a week without a good reason.

    You are excused from the general work requirements if you are any one of these things:
    • Already working at least 30 hours a week (or earning wages at least equal to the federal minimum wage multiplied by 30 hours)
    • Meeting work requirements for another program (TANF or unemployment compensation)
    • Taking care of a child under 6 or an incapacitated person
    • Unable to work due to a physical or mental limitation
    • Participating regularly in an alcohol or drug treatment program
    • Studying in school or a training program at least half-time (but college students are subject to other eligibility rules).
    If you have to meet the general work requirements but you don’t, you are disqualified from getting SNAP for at least a month and must start meeting the requirements to get SNAP again. If you get back on SNAP and then don’t meet the requirements again, then you are disqualified for longer than a month and you could be disqualified forever.
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