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  1. just21


    could you ask SoesWasBetter to apologise to me for insulting members of my family. If he/she refuses I think you should ban them from your website. The thread in question is

    He/she seem to be very bitter towards anyone with another opinion that differs from their own and unable to back this up with anything more than abuse.

    Thank you
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  2. I'll assume this was a complimentary post, as the op is on my ban list.

    he/she/it did spell my name right, all I really ask
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    just21 , get a thicker skin.
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  4. just21


    Why should my family be abused because Soes has no argument? They did not even try to refute my premis. They just started with insults.
  5. Overnight


    He/she/it was offended by

    Don't worry, we're all hummus (humans ground up as a pasty dish for vegans...hummus! Get it? ahaha).

    You can be an asshole Soes, but at least not a misunderstood one. That distinction is important.
  6. Overnight


    Your family wasn't abused. He does not know you personally, and does not know your family. On this one I say to back off and take the barbs. Just learn his/her/it's style and roll with it, and you'll be ok.
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  8. just21


    Does the post meet the guidelines of this website? If it does not then they should be banned. I have never seen language used like that on this site. I have read it everyday for 15 years.
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    Why do you waste your concentration on this poster? He could be a chat bot for all we know. He/she/it doesn't know your family or you. So there's no way he could make up any kind of meaningful insult that would not be quickly dismissed by others. Sorry that you feel insulted, but spend more of your time caring about things that matter to you. Not some internet troll.
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    In 15 years you have not seen anything like it? Wow. I've been here for 2 years and have seen worse.

    Don't sweat it man. You could always just put Soes on YOUR ignore list you know, so YOU no longer see it.

    15 years of exposure to ET should have taught you that much.
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