Software for recording your trading session?

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  1. Hello, good people.

    I'm considering starting to record my daily trading sessions. Is anyone here doing that? Could you recommend a specific software for doing so?

    I use a 49" screen with multiple charts, so it would be nice if the software could be customzied to record a single window/space on the screen. I imagine that's a standard feature anyhow.

    Additionally, it would of course be important that the software isn't a resource hog or in any other way disturbs computer performance as this would be running on my trading computer.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. themickey


    You could use screen sharing software, the same sort of software as in online meetings; Zoom, Teamviewer, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet....etc
    They all allow for recording of your desktop/files I believe, so basically you are having a recorded meeting with yourself.
    I was using Cisco WebEx there for a while back, that was to share my desktop, files, programs with someone in a virtual meeting environment.
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  3. wartrace


    I use this one -
    The free version works very well for recording your screen while trading.
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  4. Girija


    Freeseer, simple screen recorder.....
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  5. Bandicam
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  6. MichalTr


    OBS Studio
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  7. wrbtrader


    I use three 49' screens in my home office but the type of computer you have will determine how much of a resource hog it will be to your computer performance. Simply, I understand why its a concern you have especially while recording with your broker trade execution platform open at the same time while trading.
    • It does make a difference.
    In addition, if you're only recording your trading session and be aware that each file will be very large depending upon if you're recording also audio inputs from you talking into a microphone and/or desktop audio inputs.

    For a daily trading session from 9:15am to 4pm recording of a daily trading session with audio...I typically had 4 gig of recording a trading session for one day in which I then burned (saved) to a DVD disc to prevent filling up my harddrive or prevent filling up my external hard drive.

    I recommend Camtasia for simple recordings...if you do not plan to do any live streaming while recording. Yet, if you think you may do some live streaming...I then recommend OBS via my teenagers using it for their gaming lives streaming along with recording.

    Recording of your trading session is the best way to document how you configure your broker trade execution platform on your screens besides just recording your trades. More importantly, it records how you interpret what you saw on that particular trading day that a broker statement nor a trade journal can capture.

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  8. Gepard


    OBS Studio is my advice as well, even if, as always, it depends by your real purpose.

    Mine was to get a file, regardless the dimensions of the file itself, to be able to carefully review what happened on the screen. I wanted to be able, with the right viewer, to go easily backward and forward, bar by bar, even with 5 second candles. I wanted to be able to get a record, for further investigation, of whatever strange or odd happened, including disconnections or rejected orders (one of the reasons I use it ALWAYS).

    With other softwares I got way smaller files, but not the resolution I needed. Obviously, it is not the software only, because it depends too by many variables, like codec used, special settings, etc.

    I appreciated that OBS relies heavily on the power of GPU and not the CPU, left free for the trading programs (but this means that maybe I do not endorse it if you are planning to use an integrated GPU).

    To give you an idea of the performance in the real world, in one my configurations I am able to record a full session, from open to the end, of a 4K screen, with many charts of ES, YM and NQ.

    With a 10th generation i7 Intel cpu, 6 cores, 16 GB RAM, and a Geforce rtx 2060, I get a costant 25% usage of the GPU, and a 9 GB file.
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  9. I stream to a private channel using OBS
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  10. hilmy83


    twitch streaming anyone?
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