Software for recording your trading session?

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  1. Thanks, guys. Lots of good suggestions. I'll look into them all.

    Thank you.

    No talking/audio from myself, but maybe I'd layer it with a soundtrack if I were interested to upload it.

    I'm mostly done trading after 60/90 minutes these days which is also part of the reason why I'm interested in doing it anyhow. I have plenty of disk space so that's not a problem, although it seems like it can become one eventually.

    What purpose would there be to live streaming? I have not planned on doing that, but wouldn't mind uploading my recordings of my winning days. LOL. :)
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  2. I do it because I don't want to keep the files on my system. After the session, I go to twitch and "unpublish" the video so it remains private.
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  3. Interesting. And seems like a good solution.

    Any chance you'll be sharing a video of your trading sessions?

    I've toyed around with actually streaming publicly, too, but I don't really want anyone to see what I'm doing before I'm doing it - even though I'm just a small piker.
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  4. I doubt it lol.
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  5. I use NinjaTrader and use a volume chart for my entry/exits. On the same window I have other tabs activating different charts I will switch between during a session.

    Could some of these programs be set to only record the volume chart and let me view the other charts without them being recorded?

    I imagine not.

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  6. hilmy83


    you can choose private when you stream live on youtube. Like nooby says, it's better it gets uploaded on youtube automatically then recording it and wasting space. You can always download your own videos later.

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  7. hilmy83


    use obs bro. you can lock the recording screens even if you tab out
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  8. Is that through OBS?
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  9. I tried that now, but it seems like OBS won't capture my entire window. Most of it is black.

    I tried the step in the trouble-shooting guide where I have to select my main GPU for OBS.

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  10. Seems to be a common problem with OBS. However, OBS recognizes my "Control Center" in NT8. Just not my charts. It's possible there's no fix for this with regards to Ninjatrader.
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  11. Tradovate

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    With Tradovate this feature is built in. Using Tradovate's Market Replay you can stream any session back with your workspace exactly like it was while trading, including seeing all your trades. We also show the full book depth in Replay. You can choose to see your trades display as they occurred or turn them off and trade it again in simulation while in Replay. A great tool to review and practice.
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