Software/Hardware needed to trade after the FOMC

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by K-Rock, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. K-Rock


    Unfortunately, I missed several trading opportunities today after the release of the FOMC policy statement, because my charts and trading platform could not keep up.

    What hardware and software items should I upgrade to mitigate this problem going forward?

    -CPU: 1.3 GHz with 640 MB of RAM
    -Internet Connection: DSL 986.5 kbps
    -Display: 17” monitor and 15” laptop connected via MaxiVista
    -Graphic Card: NVIDIA GEFORCE 2MX/MX 400
    -Charts: 6 eSignal Charts
    -Trading Platform: Strategy Runner Lite

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  2. K-Rock


    Any constructive recommendations?
  3. Open E Cry's latest upgrade was designed to avoid lagging. Today Esignal was lagging badly while OpenECry kept up perfectly.
  4. K-Rock


    I'll check it out. Thanks!
  5. Sanjuro


    Time to upgrade.
    Minimum 3.0 GigaHertz with 1GB of RAM.

    You also have to determine the bottleneck.
    Was your charts lagging because of Esignal?
    Or because your CPU usuage was at 100%?
    Or because you didn't have enough memory?
  6. JayS


    I agree, but would probably go with 2GB, just personel preference. Most likely a combination of your CPU and eSignal. I would find the source of the problem before I did anything else.
  7. I agree.

    OpenECry might be the end result but your system is seriously lacking. One gig of memory minimum and with todays cheap prices, go for two gig. I agree with Anjuro as well that you need 3 gigahertz minimum too. And if you shop you can find a good deal on a Dual Core AMD 64+. I recently upgraded and built a AMD Dual Core 4800+, 2 gig of matched fast memory, a 73 gig SATA 10K rpm HD, 500 gig SATA HD, Matrox QID-QDAP128 (4 head 128 MG video card), Creative labs 256 sound card, 1 gig lan and shuttle type case for under 2K. Got to love Fry Electronics and Ebay.
  8. alanm


    None of which will do you any good if your quote vendor and/or broker either cannot keep up, or floods you with enough data to swamp your net connection and/or any current technology hardware.

    I definitely get floods in excess of 1Mbps from one vendor when watching just a single Naz symbol that starts ripping.

    Kill the bots!
  9. any modern up to date off the shelf pc will do imo. good internet connection is the most important.

    ps. your pc doesn't look modern at all..
  10. Good point . . . DSL is dead. Long live my 8 MBPS digital cable feed.
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