Some knew about the downgrade?

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  1. Looking at the price action of previous week it seems to me that some knew about the coming downgrade during the weekend since last Thursday or even earlier. What are your opinions? I may be wrong but...
  2. lol, no shit.
    Of course people knew.
  3. "of course" says nothing. Like saying "of course there is a God".
  4. Insider trading ahead of highly important financial & economic events in the United States financial markets?

  5. At about 10am EST on Friday, RANsquawk reported rumours of an S&P downgrade to the US; rumour was that it would be announced after the cash market close.
  6. It seems everyone knew....

    I feel so left out,

    (knowing and expecting are 2 different things, that price action signals knowing)
  7. Come on! That's impossible??!

    That... would be I L L E G A L.

    Just ask Bud Fox
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    I've "known" it was coming for the last 10 years. Just not exactly when.
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    I saw several YouTube (bloomberg) videos over the past 3 months about possible downgrade by several analysts. My point is that regardless to if someone had insider info (if that's what you're implying) seems to me that several analysts were already taking steps to protect their clients money or their own pockets because they strongly believe a downgrade would soon occur.

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